# 55 Talker, Hagelin, Consciousness, God, and Universe

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# 55 Talker – Hagelin – Consciousness – God and the Universe.

The John Hagelin ‘consciousness’ talk was very interesting.

My desire to ‘know’ the ‘how and what’ of God and the Universe, and the questioning of ‘what is Consciousness’!

Ah yes, a long favored string of thoughts I’ve entertained here.

Many have asked, some have questioned my sanity with ‘why do you trouble with what cannot be coherently answered’?
Well, simply stated, ‘because I can and I want to’.

No one can give a definite answer to ‘posed and given questions’ about God and our Universe. Subjective imagination, theories, mind play, what ifs, all producing a ‘simple to the complex’ fruition of ‘more maybes’.

It has been mentioned that man can see only 10% of the matter within the Universe. What is the other 90% doing! Where is it!

Even more intriguing is ‘what is dark matter?’.

What is ‘consciousness’ and how does ‘awareness’ fit into it!

The scientific world speaks of a ‘Unified Field’,’Space time’,
‘Dark matter’, ‘the space between things’, ‘consciousness’,
and even ‘all is one’ now.
All fascinating subjects to me, that beg further answers.
Extrapolation in full bloom, yields wild conjecture and a beautiful conundrum.

Could ‘dark matter’ be the ‘energy form’ of what one calls ‘Source’!
Is ‘Source’ the ‘spiritual manifestation’ of that which we call ‘consciousness’!
Is all ‘matter and forming matter’, the beginning of ‘individual consciousness!’
Is ‘consciousness’, a form of ‘dark matter’ experiencing and creating, through ‘individual consciousness’ that, which becomes known, as ‘Universal Mind !’
Is ‘dark matter’, ‘Source’ experiencing as, ‘gravity, electricity, electromagnetism, heat and light, and all the other unexplainable phenomenons!’

Will, in the near future, do a ‘individual consciousness’ and ‘time’ relationship post.
Ah me, back to sorting it all out.>/a>;msg10504#msg10504

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