# 51 Talkers Psychic Learning Curve 1

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# 51 Talkers Psychic Learning Curve 1

Many experiences and studies have tucked away into this one ‘known’ as Talker. While the book Secret of The Ages’ by Collier, was, so long ago, my first shaky step out of the square box of inherited beliefs, there were numerous other books that were part of my ventures.
When I latched onto the Jane Roberts ‘Seth’ material, in the mid 1970’s, was as I call it, a huge ‘Ahaa’. Underlined and highlighted pages were many. I had started the read on 8/10/76 at 10:14 pm, and finished all 486 pages on 8/19/76 at 10:05 pm. Had written on page 486, ‘What a thought provoking discourse. Now prove it’.
What a journey it has been since that day.
Did eventually get all the other ‘Seth’ related books, and they are as equally marked up and highlighted. Depending on ones prior belief factors, most, but not all of the material, was not for the deeply rooted religious. So the battles were on.
Do I believe in a God! Yes, but not the one presented to me as a kid. Anyway, have found certain practices from the ‘Seth Speaks’ book, were part of many daily events.

Have recapped three prime ones here:

# 1 Your Real Environment.
Pretend that you are on a lighted stage, the stage being the room in which you now sit. Close your eyes and pretend that the lights had gone out, the setting has disappeared and you are alone. Everything is dark. Be quiet.
Imagine as vividly as you can the existence of senses. For now pretend that they correspond to your physical ones. Clear from your mind all thoughts and worries.

Be receptive. Very gently listen, not to physical sounds but to sounds that comes through the inner senses. Images may begin to appear.
Accept them as sights quite as valid as those you see physically. Pretend that there is an inner world, and that it will be revealed to you as you learn to perceive it with those in these senses.
Pretend that you had been blind to this world all your life, and are now slowly gaining sight within it. Do not judge the whole inner world by the disjointed images that you may at first perceive, or by the sounds that you may at first hear,for you will still be using your inner senses quite imperfectly.

Do this simple exercise for a few moments before sleep or in the resting state.
Ten minutes a day to begin with is quite sufficient.

# 2 Life Source within you
Close your eyes and try to sense within yourself the source of power from which your own breathing and life forces come. At first, you may need to use your imagination. Once you feel this life force, notice how it fills the entire body. With yourself as the center, feel your self connected to the universe.

# 3 Consciousness in this moment
Do this when your eyes are open, and again when they are closed. When your eyes are open, do not take it for granted that only the immediately perceivable objects exist. Look where space seems empty, and listen in the middle of silence. There are molecular structures in every inch of empty space, but you have taught yourself not to perceive them. There are other voices, but you have conditioned your ears not to hear them. You use your inner senses when you are in the dream state, and ignore them when you are waking.

The inner senses are equipped to perceive data that is not physical. Your physical senses are extensions of the inner methods of perception, and after death it is upon these that you will rely. They are also used in out of body experiences. They operate constantly beneath normal waking consciousness so that you can even become familiar with the nature of perception after death, now.

Of course there is much more to the above list than stated here.
So, my journey continues.

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  • Jeep

    Very useful tips here. Was totally unfamiliar with the inner sense being equipped to perceive data that is not physical but now, in retrospect, with a bit of enlightenment, I have traveled here before!. Thank you.

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