# 142 Talker’s $200 Reward For The 2 Rings of Mine That You Have.

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# 142 Talker’s $200 Reward For The 2 Rings of Mine That You Have.

There is a long love story involved here, that I will keep short in the telling.

You are innocent, in the ‘how you received them’.

These rings basically, are of sentimental value.
One ring, is a Mothers ring with seven stones.
The other is an ancient engagement type ring with one tiny diamond, that was specially mounted into another sturdier ring.

The picture lacks detail but is the only one available.
Time frame goes to around 1982.
It may have been through school, or a kid’s get together that the rings
were ‘passed’ along.

Area is in Chicago, Il.. Close vicinity, 4000 West, 2400 North.
Contact me through the ”Contact’ form.
Thank you for returning them.
No explanation required.

Ring  to be returned

4 comments to # 142 Talker’s $200 Reward For The 2 Rings of Mine That You Have.

  • It's # 7

    My love for you and all involved wishes that the good lord lead you back to them!

  • #5's wife

    My teenhood Ukrainian jeweler friend who designed them had designed our own wedding rings for us,believe it or not his jewelry shop was located in his finished basement on Mobile off Foster, he worked long hours designing and sculpting metals of choice, and then on occassion he’d send them out for the stones to be set by a Lawrence Ave Jeweler friend of his. Last year Wasyl Halinkowski went on to his own happy hunting ground after making many people happy with his loving designs for: “Love is an endless circle” that a ring truly signifies.

  • Hello 5th’s Wife,
    You are really tops with the memory recall. Not sure, was this jeweler the one that did the melding of ‘original’ onto the newer! From your description of locations, rings a bell.

  • #5's Wife

    Yes , Wasyl was an incredible trusted man with sparkling blue eyes, he’d listen to what we wanted to capture, and he’d start drawing his design pictures puffing on his pipe, sweet aroma from his tobacco choice, alittle cherry perhaps, somewhere at home I have his original drawing of our ladies Mother Ring and what he was to capture on your ring, I must go hunting through my sentimental drawer archives this coming weekend. The love that existed in the giving should almost hologram them onto the owners fingers should your quest not reach it’s destination. And yes, the bar-b-que was our first family cookout to host.
    Love for you always my friend,

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