# 26 Talker on Earn Online

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# 26 Talker on Earn Online

Well now, has been quite the learning curve checking out ‘Earn Money Online’. While I’m basically set, financially, it does get tight at times. So with some added needs that arose, (more family moving back in) decides to see what ‘Programs online’ could be implemented to bring in added income. Considering that I’ve no marketing skills, would obtaing a ‘Degree Online’ be the way to obtain needed skills! Checking that out didn’t prove to be the way for me, time wise. The programs online, obtaining them are varied and many. Getting a masters online, would be neat, if I were thirty years younger. Yet the time factor was a prime consideration, at my age level. What next! Obtaining an education online, for me is the way to go, as I just didn’t feel like slipping into a daily routine of driving back and forth to daily classes.

So, it was pump in key ‘search’ words, and pandoras box was opened. This along with the new FTC rules, was like entering the ‘Twilite Zone”. Here I am a full fledged newbee, entering a whole new ballgame of looking at earn online Pandora’s Twilight, faced with potential fines if I violate new FTC rules. Naive in some areas, yes, stupid no.

Off I go, with a ‘buy nothing’ until I gather the ‘pro and cons’ and addressed, if they show up. Well the wait wasn’t long for the ‘pro and cons’ to show up. Same with the flood of ‘offerings’ emails that started filling up the mail box. Jumped from a mere 10/20 or so, way up to 50/100, every day. Create special folders to keep all these special educational offers, and they did pile up fast. Most of the offers will emphasize ‘act now’. One time offers. You’ll never see this as low priced course offered again, buy now. Don’t buy that type of course, as it’s all wrong, so buy mine, now. So here we have the ‘full fledged newbee’, being asked to ‘buy now’, or you’ll pay hundreds more if you don’t buy ‘now’ from this ‘one time’ offer.

Once the original feelers were out for ‘earn online’, the affiliate links started up as I was ‘clicking’ into the many ‘free’ offers. Yes, not concerned to say, that I took advantage of many dozens of freebee’s. Is how I became aware of ‘resellers rights’, branding, rebranding, and stealing legitimate monies from affiliates and other links. Sheesh, what a learning curve. Haven’t even started up yet, and now I got to be concerned about ‘cheats’ stealing my future monies!

A few weeks into all this ‘checking of offers’, I start seeing the patterns of all the sites making offers to earn online. Lists, are what you want, some say, and the next email offer is saying ‘don’t’ believe that lists are that important! Find a niche and focus in on it, to make money, and the next email offer is saying niche slots ‘won’t’ make you rich, do what I offer, but ‘buy’ now before the offer disappears!

I much prefer the printed material, with a little bit of video to hit the ‘fuzzy’ spots. Not keen at all for the pure audio presentations. To much ‘note’ taking involved, same as with the videos.
Once you buy, most will pop in the ‘if you really want to succeed’ here is ‘what’ you need! Membership offers flow, at many dollars per month, and I haven’t made a dime yet, as I’m still a newbie, with no idea of what I want, or need to do, and those places will keep nagging to sign in at a higher level to make it all jell with making money. No, I’ve not yet joined any membership. Not saying one shouldn’t join a membership, just consider if you can really afford it at this point.

What I find highly interesting, is that most of these offers are only selling courses to get one started in ‘Earn Online Money’. No real or disposable products one can use at home, fishing, sports, or what ever, that is your job to find that market.

Anyway, still sorting it all out. Procrastination, with good reason though, I like to do my homework before the crap hits the fan. Where this all winds up,or even materializes into a worhwhile venture, not sure yet, but all looks ‘doable’, if approached with due diligence.

Will post the it and when, as it happens.

(a few of the many dozens of reads that started driving me nuts)—Pros-and-Cons&id=666906

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