# 27 Talker On Earn Online Followup 1

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# 27 Talker On Earn Online Followup 1

Even with the holiday involved, did spend some more time winnowing through the ads and downloads from various sites. While there are individuals who will ‘hit the mark’ eventually, and get Online and commence to make money, many will falter, and just quit and let it all pass. While I’m in twilight age category, with no serious concerns money wise, there are many, not in that same position. The economy has tanked, new jobs are on hold, homes are being foreclosed, and the family needs some hope, finances, medical, and a roof over their head. Big problem with passing the new Health bill can be solved by ‘dropping’ the special insurance and perks that the congress and senate has, and insisting they belong to what they are going to lay onto the majority of the American people.
Spent a bit more time, looking at any down sides, to Online efforts to earn money.
Have listed some areas, that can prove of value.
Just don’t give up hope, but do weigh and balance carefully, any action you decide upon. Will post as the ‘pro and con’ story unfolds.
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