# 144 Talker on WP 2.9.1 and Atahualpa Theme

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# 144 Talker on WP 2.9.1 and Atahualpa Theme

The Atahualpa theme, is an eye opener, that almost scares one into just quitting it. Yet, am using and still learning it with the tutorial I located, yes its a few bucks, but worth it. (no I’m not an affiliate)
What I like about this new theme, is the ‘control’ that is easy, once learnt’, in doing colors, columns and layouts.

It is progressing well, as the many little adjustments are found and made.

Currently running Win XP Pro.

I am also using Xampp lite as a localhost to first experiment with the theme and WordPress, and is looking better ‘ease wise’ as time progresses.

Did finally switch from WP Ver 2.3.3, reluctantly of course, to WP Ver. 2.9.1.
No I don’t like using the upgraded WP version 2.9.1. Clunky locations of buttons that need to be used, with, for me, to many bells and whistles.

Still need to figure out how to change all ‘link URL’ references within my ‘Localhost’ that point to my ‘live’ ‘’ site.
Need to avoid that switching ‘into’ my ‘live’ site, when making adjustments in the ‘Localhost’, that I want to preview, but don’t show up on the ‘live’ site.

Eventually I’ll get used to the new WP upgrade, even though I’ll dislike it all the while.

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