# 24 Talker on the Gimp and The Gimper

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# 24 Talker on the Gimp and The Gimper

The Gimp and The Gimper
Almost sounds like nasty words.
Not nasty though, but interesting.
Even talk about a guy in the bible, labled as a Gimper.
(1 Chronicles 4:9-10)
(Gimper, someone who always does a little more than what’s required or expected)

Have gone back with renewed interest, to a free graphic program called ‘Gimp’.
I had previously used Gimp only to touch up a photo or two.

Now I see a another use for it, in the learning of how to make and design my own headers for my blog. (a whole separate story)

With all the complicated functions (like in PhotoShop a $400 program) I was (still am) wading through mess after messup.
When the desired result was finally reached, it was a nice taste of success.
Will say, that the Gimp graphic program has all the bells and whistles, I’ll ever need.

As I viewed my handywork, thoughts started popping in, that the same process was at work in my life experiences.

We come into life with a blank canvass that becomes our tapestry of life. So we go on, learning, experiencing, making mistakes and correcting them as we proceed.
We pick up habits, filters and titles as we go along. Some of the things one picks up, are nice, but a few odd balls generally pop in too.
Certain actions are frustrating.
Some actions are easy, but wrong.
A desired action put into motion, just flops.
If one learns from the flop experience, our difficulties don’t keep piling up on us. Correcting problems before they take their toll in our life, makes for a happier existence. No real harm (mostly) in making mistakes , at least it shows one is ‘trying’ at something. The real harm is emotionally accepting a flop as permanent, without making or even attempting to make changes. Enough flops uncorrected, eventually builds up into a ‘whats the use of trying’ attitude.
With the Gimp graphic program, errors can be instantly deleted and forgotten.
Not so so in real life though.
Hanging onto flops experienced in real life, will take a heavy emotional toll on ones life energy.

Learn to rejoice with all your successes, however small they may be. Learn to give ‘thanks’ for the good in your life. Learn to ‘let go’ of the unwanted baggage that can contribute to a ‘whats the use’ attitude.

It’s all a learning curve.

So, how is your tapestry of life proceeding!
Be Well

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2 comments to # 24 Talker on the Gimp and The Gimper

  • Seth Deval Garrison

    So, sounds like life can be like Gimp, hey Talker? Learn, delete, and on to the next experience.

    And to answer your question, my tapestry is being woven one thread at a time and it is looking beautiful right now. The biggest difference for me lately is that I have asked God to help me weave it and He weaves beautiful creations!!

  • Hi Seth,
    Great to hear from you. Yes,with a tad of effort on ones part, that life tapestry can sure be beautifully colored. You made a wise and good choice of a helper.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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