#28 Talker on Ariens, Toro and Yard Machine Snow Movers

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#28 Talker on Ariens, Toro and Yard Machine
Updated 12/26/2010
When my Toro single stage snowblower finally gave out, I rapidly found out that not all snow blowers are equal in doing the job, namely, move snow .

The Toro ran good for many years. Spark plugs, flappers and scrapper were the only items that needed replacement due to wear. (ha old age set in)
When the engine and pulley mounting plate gave out, I decided to retire it, as even Toro had trouble finding that part.
Bye old faithful.

Grandson at that point, picked up an Ariens 28 inch, two stage unit for me.
Ah a big beautiful machine.
A two stage unit, that tossed the snow up to fifty feet away. Had to be careful, as it didn’t take much to cover all the parked cars with snow.So it required a bit of chute turning to keep the car owners from getting annoyed with me.

Only one thing wrong.
This unit is a big brute to squeeze through gate openings. Actually big overkill, for the amount of snow clearing that was being done, with the tight turns involved.
So was used only with a meaningful snowfalls.

A smaller secondary unit for light snowfalls became of interest.

Enters a 21 inch Yard Machine. Wow, easy start, one pull of the cord.
Than came the ‘oh crap’.
Wet snow just clogged up the chute. The left wheel built up a snow ridge on the tire, and refused to turn. Did retry with other light snow falls, and was the same problem each time. Waste of time trying to blow snow, unless one just wanted to watch a running motor. It did start good though.

So am looking to swap/downgrade from the Ariens to a smaller single stage unit.

So a 18/20 inch Toro or Ariens single stage unit, should be in the picture soon.
Here in Chicago, it is getting very difficult to obtain mower and snow blower parts.
One of two major sources, is:
Russo Power Equipment
Tele: 847-678-9525 Ext: 7852
Fax: 847-678-0705

The other is Sears.

See where it winds up.

(The Happy)
Ariens 924125 – ST11528LE – 28 inch clear – four cycle (2004 year)
Tecomseh OHSK, 80-130, 11.5 HP

Toro Model 38195 – CCR-1000 – (10/15 years old)

(The Sad)
Yard Machine 31AE160-129 – 110328 – 21inch clear – two cycle (2004 year)

Updated 12/21/2010:
Well, right is right, and I’m needing to correct my comments about this snow blower.
Granted it’s not at all like what I had been using.

Anyway, I decided to replace the rotor /flapper drive belt, even if it looked allright.
Yes there was the signs of rubber dust/particles, but not much different signs from from the Toro I’d been using.

What a difference it did make.

So today 12/21/2010, here in Chicago, had a great opportunity to give it a try again.

Bottom line!

Will now give it ‘passing’ grade for the loose/lite 4″ snow that has fallen overnight.
Doesn’t ‘throw’ as far, nor clear as well as what the Toro did. But for the price of this unit, it may serve your lite to medium snow clearing events.

How it goes as the rest of the predicted 14 ” snowfall situation unfolds, will be the final test.

Updated 12/26/2010.
With the recent 4 to 8 inch snows hitting back to back here, was a good trial
of this Yardman snow thrower.

Runs good.
Stinks as a viable method of clearing the sidewalks
So why say that!
The overall design is a nightmare.
Yes, the left wheel, still builds up snow and refuse to roll/turn.

To the lady that said impossable to ‘plug’ up this wheel, not true.There is only 1/4 inch clearance between wheel and frame.
The next bigger Yardman version has almost 2 inches clearance at this left wheel
and venture to say does not clog up.

To the gent that said my review was ‘angry’, not so, my review only reflected
a total disgust with ‘how any company would release a unit such as this version’

So jerk the unit back and forth and rock the handle up and down to try to
break away the snow that has built up on that left wheel.
There is no descent scaper touching the sidewalk. Only a thin rubber strip.
So poor scaper cleaning action leaves a layer of snow that still needs to be removed
with a snow shovel.
Now, all snow blowers will require a backward movement to get a fresh
bite at a new path of snow. The poor design is such that even tilting the handle downwards
does not allow the rearward/ backward pull to take place without great effort.
Sucks up ones energy rapidly.

This particular verson of the Yardman snow thrower, rates as a classsical piece wasted
time using it, and ones hard earned money thrown down the drain.

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