# 56 Talker on Raw Foods plus Free eBook Offer

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# 56 Talker on Raw Foods plus Free eBook Offer

Diets and weight loss diets were never a real concern for me. Will cautiously mention that a few in the family do need a diet plan, and hope they don’t catch my post here. Nothing severe, yet they are quite often talking about how they need to improve their looks by going on a weight loss diet.

Had used a so called ‘lemonade diet’ for as long as eight days, when on those rare times that even I, wanted to shed a few pounds. For other reasons though, am looking into a raw food diet.
Came across some info that includes raw recipes, that interest me along with a list of raw smoothies.

Anyway, was able to download a free raw food ebook, by Kevin.
So off I go for a deep trip into new territory for me.

Kevin’s new book clears the confusion about nutrition science and gently encourages you to create a lifestyle of sustainable health. Download your FREE digital copy now and discover the simple health and diet secrets that give you amazing longevity.
(free ebook here)

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