# 55 Decisions and Decorum

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Recognizing that my views on numerous subjects give only one perspective , that a more eclectic approach was needed , and be available to my readers. My view points, products and items used, and books mentioned, are, of course “what worked for me”. But might not work for you! Listing all the various avenues would create write-ups that would be “book” like in size. In considering what is available and practical posed many problems. No way , could one cover all the various areas related to a specific subject.

So, in keeping with my philosophy of using the “KISS”process ( meaning of course, Keep It Simple Stupid ) I looked for a practical means of doing so. Other than hiring a Public Relations company ( too costly ) and beyond what is needed here, I decided to “hire” Google, so to speak, and put on their program to search out what fits, subject wise.

So feel free to “click” on the ads that show.
They are supposed to relate to content with-in a given article.

So , that’s where it stands for now.

2 comments to # 55 Decisions and Decorum

  • The Milk-maid

    You and I know of a person, born on this day who had lots of free will. She faced lots of opinions because of her beliefs, but she stoodfast by them. She would be thrilled to see what you are now able to pass on to others,maybe not always with full exchange of agreement! But an EXCHANGE,so keep on trying and learning.

  • The Talker

    Right on Milk-maid.
    You got over the shakes about doing posts, great.

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