# 57 Talker on The Gerson Cancer Therapy

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# 57 Talker on The Gerson Cancer Therapy

Much ado, regards uncovered healing therapies, and how Big Pharma will battle against those revived methods.
The Gerson therapy I well remember.
Same as with Laetrile, was quite the story at the times.
Naturally there will be a few failed healing’s with some people. No healing protocol is perfect, far to many variables involved with ones spirit,soul and body.
Granted some protocols are intense, so fall by the wayside. Cost does enter the picture quite often, and as I see it, is a deciding factor for many. Many are locked into medical plans that makes it impossible to change doctors, if your current doctor wont work along with you on trying new unorthodox protocols. The FDA, AMA and Big Pharma watch for those who dare to apply any ‘new’ to the healing profession.

Charlotte Gerson speaks out about the cancer industry and natural cancer remedies

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