# 21 Driving Power of Creative Sexual Energies

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# 21 Driving Power of Creative Sexual Energies

Nah, nothing pornographic here. Many just don’t realize that sexual energies are a contributing element within ones life experiences. The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural.
At least that is what is revealed, once past the curiosity and application stages.
Do believe a lot of the worlds misery and problems stem from not fully understanding how powerful this energy is.
Have mentioned in other posts, ‘one can run or hide from it, but at certain points, it will demand some type of expression outlet’.
(from one of my forum posts)
‘Not generally recognized, although gaining recognition, is that pent up energies within a person will have expression, either openly or secretly.
Sex is a seriously misunderstood energy force.
Sex is normally associated with copulation.
But there is little thought given to play, fight, study, painting, singing, decorating the body, religious fervor’s, football games, baseball games, bridge parties, gambling, hard work, home life, etc, as sexual creative forces.
Hate, fear, anger, jealousy, business worry, quarrels, shocks, hope, faith, happiness, laughter, interests, and foods, all, in one way or another, cause a reaction within the glands. You cannot fool the endocrines.
Love is a great constructive force, that needs to be learned, applied, and taught, in order to maintain glandular and spiritual health.
We are Spirit, Soul and Body, what happens to one part will affect the others.

‘You have an energy inside you. Can you FEEL it’?
It wants to get out. It wants to shine. It wants to express.
You were born a genius. Imbued with everything you need to think like a genius. But somehow it’s gotten lost.
Did they train the creative spark out of you? Or did it get covered up and locked away?
A note: Idealizing any woman while perhaps good for creativity can put unnecessary pressure on a relationship. Being feted and put on a pedestal is certainly nice on occasions, but most women will settle for respect and a good ear.
Few people like the pressure of having to live up to images of perfection because we all know how transient and illusory those are in the physical world.
Part of being truly creative is learning to love and accept people for what they are, seeing beauty and perfection in imperfection.
In this spirit, love can truly blossom. And nothing is more creative than that.’

Long story short, one needs to channel sexual energy from where it is, to where it isn’t at the moment, into some other outlet by transmuting it by some process!
Now I know what ‘transmutation’ is, but what actually is involved here!
Did some Goggling for ‘transmutation’ to see how much further I could expand my understanding of the word , quite the interesting listings along with the words ‘sexual energies’. Wow.

Anyway here is my story:

From a reading long ago, of the 1968 edition of Napoleon Hills most
famous book, I had been prompted at that time to put these words to form. To update it have added only one new word. Read from the heart will avoid one from thinking these words are those thoughts of a libertine. Mr Hill used three hundred pages to deliver a concept, far beyond the words I’ve written here, no way can my mere 258 words convey his message, was not my intent to do so. Important to me was how Mr Hills words had touched me, leading to how I interacted with others.
Applied incorrectly will lead only to frustration and disappointment in life experiences.

….By Talker………….

The sight of you fills my being with joys beyond belief,
shapely, devine, inhaling thy fragance soothes deep, I’m stunned to
stillness, thoughts of which, pleasently stir my sleep,
will love you forever, the memory keep,
we are one, for now,
I turn, and there I see, another beauty that holds my gaze,
how can this be, how tread I, throught this maze,
to the bee it is amoral, with this there is no quarrel,
am I thusly, being flighty, facing such beauty,
am I so bound by duty, to not love another beauty,
thy fragrance, thy shape, thy softness,
I shudder with delight,
here I be with love for another,
to each with love unconditionally,
am I wrong to hear this song, this inhaling of loves devine,
do I ignore this love,
this feeling of mine, of touching the devine,
I know with no doubt, with a new day, another beauty,
will catch my feeling, my senses reeling, at the sight,
resist as I might, fight as I may, my senses aroused again this day,
to you my love, what can I say, I would, I will, I do,
enjoy you all,
that beauty hard to describe, for at this moment,
thy name is love,
and as such, is called, the rose, the tulip, the maple,
the sunrise, the sunset,
the red clover, the yellow dandelion,
breathtakingly, from deep within you, reflects the love devine,
no words spoken, nothing broken,
you are in my heart and mind, unconditionally,
for you will alway be, to me,
a beautful sense of

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4 comments to # 21 Driving Power of Creative Sexual Energies

  • Talker,

    You are such a wonder. Truly. This gives deeper meaning to the idea ~

    ‘Nothing is ever lost, only transformed.’


    ‘Ideas leave not their Source’ ~

    To life ongoingly ~

    Blessings of Peace and Well-Being,

    Feeling Shakti ~

    Namaste` in Love,


  • Laura

    Dean I LOVE what you’ve done with your blog. You are amazing!!!
    L(¨`•.•´¨) Light ♥
    O`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨) of One ♥
    V¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ Vibrating ♥
    E`•.¸.•´Essence ♥

  • Laura

    L(¨`•.•´¨) Light ♥
    O`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨) of One ♥
    V¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ Vibrating ♥
    E`•.¸.•´Essence ♥

  • Sherry L Peddle

    a very deep intimate expression, thank you…this area personally is very ummmm..not sure what the word to use, tricky…but, sexual energy is very powerful, can control us..our additions to sex and the high we get from a drug…but bonding in this way is the most intimate of experiences, your sharing expresses this…imagine a world where we all thought of bonding in this way as being a sacred act…sexual energy being lifted, risen up to become, flowing pure energy :)

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