# 5 Oil of Oregano # 1:Updated 10/10/1014

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Oil of Oregano :
Have used Oil of Oregano. ( still am ) It is a good product . At this point I’m not sure if any other source is as potent, as North American Herb and Spice Company. My experience is , if being used for a health condition, one might want to either increase the dose, or use three or four times a day. It has a very strong aroma, and if used with Oregamax, will clear out a lot of unwanted “bugs”. Am closely monitoring “conditions”as time passes. It’s use in treating the SARS thing could surpass Super Tonic, at least that’s what my research shows. Now I’m not saying this stuff is an answer to all ills, but I am saying that” I am stocked up with another Oil of Oregano and Oregamax. Same company has even stronger products for the “more serious” things. Pick up a copy of ” The Cure Is In The Cupboard” , ISBN 0-911119-74-4. Book is by Dr Cass Ingram, who is in trouble, at least from what I’ve read. He is listed as a quack, and is posted in Canada as a fake! Regardless , I like what and how he writes. So will buy some more of his books.
Product and books can be ordered from links below.

( Updated 1/13/2008 )(updated 10/10/2014)
Oregano is high on antioxidant activity which is probably the origin of the many health benefits of oregano oil. Oregano Oils thymol and carvacrol are believed to be the main sources of its benefits. The most widely known and spread benefit of oregano oil is its ability to cure mild stomach problems. It is also well known for its cough-clearing qualities. However, Oregano has many other benefits, among these: exterminating fungus, digestive problems, migraine headaches, athletes foot, sore throat, breathing problems, dandruff (and other skin problems).
Not sure how to respond to the negative comment in the CureZone link link below. I still like and use Oil of Oregano, and still use the books by Dr Cass Ingram.

2 comments to # 5 Oil of Oregano # 1:Updated 10/10/1014

  • 2Talker1

    The Oregamax has done some interesting things..stunned that I could clear my system with it; still haven’t bought the oil but am urgently waiting for the store to open to see if I can find it today. I note that I appear to have no real hunger after taking the oregamax. Wondering if it is a food also.

  • The Talker

    Chock full of goodies, and can be called a food.
    Break open an Oregamax and put some on a slice of pizza
    for a real treat.

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