# 59 Talkers List of Home Remedies

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# Talkers List of Home Remedies

Home Remedies I’ve used.
While this list is small, it actually covers a lot of territory, application wise.

How I mix and use various herbs for my use, cause some to question my sanity. I use common sense with all of these items, and yes, I do my home work for the pro and con of it. Allergic reactions, or to much to fast, are serious considerations.
While I don’t much use doctors or hospitals, there is a place for them under certain conditions. Hospital in an emergency or accident, OK, use them, don’t fight it.
If you have health concerns try and get your doctor to assist, with what you want to try using. Most doctors will refuse though.
They want to give you prescription medication.

Many other little situations, though are easier taken care of, doing it on ones own.
Works for me.
Most all these items have been used by me, family and friends, with very good outcomes.
The research with vitamins and herbs, require deep digging, and no, I’m not a doctor, but what I’ve come up with over the decades, and use, sure has worked for me.

For Energy;

P = Part can be any measured quantity
Use the same measuring tool for all parts measured.
For instance a teaspoon, tablespoon, or cup.

All in powder form.
4 p Club Moss ( Lycopodium Clavatum )
3 p Jamaican Ginger Root ( Zingiber Officinale )
2 p Gotu Kola ( Hydrocotyle Asiatica )
Mix all together.
(I use a small device to put mix in capsules.)
If only a small batch, pack capsules by hand.
Of course be sure your not allergic to the herbs.
If feeling weak or fatigued, 2 capsules with full 8 oz of water.
If taken on an empty stomach before any strenuous event or sport, will have results in about 10 minutes. Have not tried as a tea.
………………………………………….. ……

For upset stomach / throwing-up.

Only cut form. Not powder.
1 p Peppermint ( Mentha piperita )
1 p Meadowsweet ( Spiraea ulmaria )
1 p Lemon Balm ( Melissa officinalis )
1 p Peach leaf ( Prunus persica )
1/8 p Lobelia ( Lobelia inflata )
Mix all together.

(You may hear all kinds of horror stories about using Lobelia, which if they were true, I must have died forty years ago. Yes it is a potent herb, with true value.)
Make as a tea. I normally use a tablespoon of the mix for each cup of tea and pour hot water into a cup , lid on top of cup, steep 10 minutes.
Please now, for me and those that have used them as indicated, there were no problems. Before using, do a bit of home work and check out the listed herbs for your self. These formulas have been used by me for many decades. But we are not all the same system wise, so do use common sense caution.

Healing Salve

This is a very effective salve. I use it on any wound – cut – sore. Have seen it used for a gash in the heel of the foot, where the flesh was actually hanging loose. Washed with water, flushed, sprinkled with Red Pepper
( no, Red Pepper applied to a bleeding wound don’t sting ) and put back into place, with a heavy layer of this salve.
Healed beautifully with only a faint scar visible.
All powder.
P = part
Use the same spoon for all measurements
2 p Lobelia ( Lobelia inflata )
1/2 p Golden Seal Root ( Hydrastis canadensis )
3 p Slippery Elm Bark ( Ulmus fulva )
2 p Myrrh ( Commiphora myrrha )
Mix together.
Add vaseline to the mix , make a slightly stiff but pliable mix.
Blend it well for the best healing effect.
Store in a small wide mouth jar for future use.
Make sure your not allergic to any of the mix.
………………………………………….. …….

GOOT Garlic Oil Ointment

Be aware that this salve mix does have a strong aroma.
So until one learns how to fully manifest that inner healing Power, one needs to use the so called miracles that do appear in our lives. Its your choice!

A Formula That Can Produce Miracles
Anti-infective / Anti-fungal / Anti-parasites.

Warm three tablespoons of Coconut oil over stove until melted and add three tablespoons of olive oil. Remove from heat and add three tablespoons of fresh chopped garlic. Blend at slow speed, then at high speed for two minutes. Use a blender or coffee grinder. Pour mixture through a screen to remove chunks of garlic that the blender may have missed.
Pour into a wide mouth jar and label it “GOOT.” Place in a refrigerator.
GOOT turns into a thick soft paste after one hour. GOOT, rubbed into the skin, transfers raw garlic oil directly into the blood stream. Apply on the feet of children or infants to fight infections. Rub on chest for chest colds, pneumonia or rub into nostrils for sinus infections. Apply directly to sores inside the mouth. Rub on Athlete’s foot or genital area for jock itch. Insert GOOT into vagina or rectum for yeast or other related infections. Apply on rashes any place. Place on cotton swab for ear infections. GOOT kills Candida, parasites, bad bacteria and virus by direct application. In addition, it treats systemic infections by absorption through the skin into the blood supply and travels throughout the body.
After two weeks, make a new batch of GOOT

Some products, just don’t work / or heal one. So one goes through numerous products looking for the one that does work. I would want to hear about the product that did work, that’s what I’m doing here.

One does need to do their home work and research thoroughly, but I feel it’s well worth the effort to avoid the prescriptions

Super Tonic

one to two tablespoons of each –
cayenne ( red pepper) This can be powerful, add just enough to suit your taste.
horseradish –
Apple Cider vinegar, depending on how much you want to make.
Half cup of each ( see separate pepper amount above )
chop /cut /mash/ or pound ingredients to fit into a blender.
Pour in just enough apple cider vinegar to just cover the ingredients.
Run the blender just long enough to slurry the mix.
Pour into pint, quart, or gallon jars. Each container is filled to the half level, with the mix / slurry. Top off with more apple cider vinegar to fill container.
If using metal covers put a baggie over the jar top first than the cover. Stuff will eat away metal covers, I just know there will be a comment on this aspect. Hasn’t hurt me for the six years, I’ve been using it. My jars and covers are glass, with rubber ring to make a seal, and has a flip lever thing to make it lock. Shake once a day. Can start to use right away. But it will get stronger in a few days. Can keep refrigerated if desired. I leave mine out no cooling. I use it straight, as is. You may want a tablespoon full in half cup of water. Gargle with and swallow as / if needed for throat area things. Take as often as you want, for immune system build up. Take every half hour for five hours if under attack by any “bug”. My understanding, of this combination, is that it is equal to or better then most “broad spectrum” antibiotic prescriptions. It will ( as I understand it ) destroy both, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and will knock out he “bad guys” in the gut, and increases the healthy bacteria. Some day I will set up the microscope and try an experiment of my own on how effective this Super Tonic really is.
Currently have one gallon ” cooking “, meaning, just let it stand, shake gently once a day for week. Is my 3rd batch in six years.
It also makes, by the way, a dandy salsa sauce, when first made.



Honegar: As a starting point use, Equal amounts of Honey and Apple Cider vinegar.
( Clover is tastier, but I have tried many other flavors )
It takes a bit of stirring to get it mixed right. Flavor is a tarty, slightly sweet taste. Honegar helps to balance ones internal electrolytes. Supplies a quick energy boost. Helps one to tolerate heat. Straight Apple Cider Vinegar ( no honey ) ” one teaspoonful- or more “before eating will improve most peoples digestion, as nearly all people now suffer from a LACK of digestive juices, this is CONTRARY to what most doctors tell one. Diabetics and hypoglycemics would need to be careful doing this Honegar drink. As I understand it there is the sugar in the blood thing to cope with. I have no problem with it, but use at your own risk . When the heat is trying to nail me ( working outside ) I will take a tablespoonful, straight, and a tablespoonful in a glass of water.


Castor Oil Packs

How To Use Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs
Edited by Bruce Baar, MS, ND
Castor Oil has been used through out the ages as a natural therapy. Castor oil applied externally in the form of “packs” is very popular with natural health practitioners. The Edgar Cayce Readings inform us that castor oil packs are to be used to improve assimilation’s, eliminations and circulation; especially of the lymphatic system. A castor oil pack is made from several layers of flannel like material, enough to absorb and hold the castor oil during application. The flannel material is wool, cotton or the newly designed disposable pack, each of which you will need to saturate with cold-pressed castor oil before using. A common area to apply the castor oil pack is on the right side of the abdomen, between the upper part of the rib cage and the upper edge of the hipbone. Another common area is across the abdomen from the right to the left side of the body, covering from the sternum to the pubic or groin area. Application is usually for 1 to 2 hours. A heating pad is placed on top of the castor oil pack to keep it very warm during application. It is best to consult your health care practitioner to determine frequency of application. You can use the same castor oil pack for additional applications. It is important to discard the pack after a certain number of uses or when it becomes rancid. It may be helpful to store the pack in a plastic storage container and refrigerate between uses. The wool and cotton flannel packs can be used for approximately 25-30 applications before they are to be discarded. The new inexpensive disposable packs can be used for about 10 uses before discarding. Before you begin, you will need to choose either the Wool Flannel (#757), Cotton Flannel (#759) or the Disposable Flannel (#755) Pack.
Using either the wool flannel or cotton flannel is a personal choice. Some individuals are sensitive to wool. The Disposable Flannel Pack consists of flannel-like material which is absorbent on one side and is coated with plastic on the other side to protect the heating pad. This disposable flannel is also used to protect the area you are resting on. When used in this manner it replaces the old method of placing a plastic bag and towel underneath you as a protective cover. Cold-pressed Castor Oil is available in an 8 oz. (#753), pint (#752), quart (#751) or gallon (#750) size. Most individuals start with either a pint or a quart. Frequent users usually purchase by the gallon. Small amounts of Castor Oil should be added to the pack before each use to refresh it. If your choice is to use the Cotton Flannel (#759) or Wool Flannel (#757) Pack, consider purchasing several Disposable Flannel Packs (#759) for bed or sheet cover protection. The plastic side of the Disposable Flannel Pack will prevent castor oil from soiling your linens or sheets. An electric heating pad is needed to heat the castor oil pack. There are units that will automatically turn itself off in one to two hours and there are units that stay on. Choose the one that fits your needs. Directions for Using the Castor Oil Packs Place a Disposable Pack (#755) with the green plastic side down on your bed for protection against the castor oil soiling. Place the heating pad on top of this protective pack and turn it on to a medium or high setting. If the pack that you are using for application is a Wool Flannel or Cotton Flannel material, then protect your heating pad by placing plastic wrap on top of the heating pad. Next, fold the wool or cotton flannel into 3 layers and place it on top of the plastic wrap. Add castor oil to the flannel. The castor oil should be added to saturate all three layers of flannel, but not so much that it drips from the pack. If using the Disposable Flannel Pack for application, add the castor in a circle in the middle of the absorbent white material, using the green side against the heating pad in place of the plastic wrap. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the oil to become warm. When you are ready to begin, flip the castor oil pack and heating pad on to your abdominal area and relax. General application time is between 1-2 hours. After your session, clean the oil from your body with CastorWash #769. Many people store the castor oil pack in a plastic storage container between uses. Be sure to keep the pack out of the sun and in a cool dark place. After 3 days of using the castor oil pack take about 1 teaspoon of olive oil (NOT castor oil) by mouth.
Taken usually in the evening before retiring. Always seek medical advice prior to use. Do NOT use during pregnancy or during menstrual flow.
These products can be purchased from the manufacturer at 610-873-4591 (USA)
©Copyright, Baar Products, Inc, all rights reserved
Baar Products: Official Supplier of Edgar Cayce Products


Heal Skin Ulcers

Here are two formulas to use.
May need to try both as each has its own healing properties.
…………. # 1 …………
Betadine ( over the counter iodine ointment )
Make sure your not allergic to iodine
Sugar This is regular plain sugar.
Mix together. Need a bit of trial and error in usage
2 (or) 3 (or) 4 part sugar – 1 part ointment.
Sugar delays blood clotting, so wait until bleeding stops, before applying mix.

——— and # 2 …………..

SolarCaine ( sunburn ointment )
Raw Honey
Mix together.
Need only small amount of honey.

Underarm deodorant

I wanted to avoid aluminum.
Mix equal parts of : Corn Starch and Baking Soda
I store my mix in a wide mouth cosmetic jar, that has a built-in lid with sieve like holes. Works for me. One needs to do trial and error for the proper amount to be used. This wont stop you from sweating, but stops underarm aroma

Will often when strenuously involved in the heat, and sweating a river, toss in a pinch, of SEA salt, ( NOT REGULAR SALT ). Finding good Sea Salt is really a problem. Basically a trial and error thing. There is a trick, not many are aware of, is to put a pinch of Sea salt directly on ones tongue first, then drink a glass of water. This allows ones body to treat this glass of water very differently , ( at least its what I read ) than a regular drink of water, allowing one to rehydrate some what more efficiently.
Have been doing it for many years, and it hasn’t killed me as yet.

Oil of Oregano

Have used Oil of Oregano. ( still am ) It is a good product . At this point I’m not sure if any other source is as potent, as North American Herb and Spice Company. My experience is , if being used for a health condition, one might want to either increase the dose, and use three times a day. It has a very strong aroma, and if used with Oregamax, will clear out a lot of unwanted “bugs”. Am closely monitoring “conditions “as time passes. It’s use in treating the SARS thing could surpass my Super Tonic, at least that’s what my research shows. Now I’m not saying this stuff is an answer to all ills, but I am saying that” I am stocked up with another Oil of Oregano and Oregamax.
Same company has even stronger products for the “more serious” things
Pick up a copy of ” The Cure Is In The Cupboard” ,
ISBN 0-911119-74-4. Book is by Dr Cass Ingram, who is in trouble, at least from what I’ve read. He is listed as a quack, and is posted in Canada as a fake! Regardless, I like what and how he writes.
So will buy some more of his books. ( have them all now )
Product and books can be ordered from

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract not grape seed is the product.
First time I went to buy it, store clerks kept showing me grape seed, which is not the same stuff. I came across this product a few years back . It has lived up to everything that was written about it. It is bitter tasting , a bitterness like a mix of lemon, lime and grapefruit. Used internally I mix it with plain water. ( 1/8 cup ). While I use it straight with-out diluting on toe nails, its too strong for the most peoples skin, unless mixed with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Product is listed as ” broad spectrum antimicrobial ” and from my experiences in using it, it actually works . Queasy stomach, brown toe-nail, skin torn by a rose bush thorn, scratchy throat out comes the GSE . Will also make ” unsafe undrinkable water “, into ” safe drinkable water “.
( GSE = grapefruit seed extract )
Nutribiotic Inc, is the company that makes the brand of GSE that I use.
Guess this GSE is like the Super Tonic I make and use.
A ” Universal Remedy ” is what I call GSE.
Check out ” The Healing Power of Grapefruit Seed ” by
S. Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski.
ISBN 0 – 914955 – 27 – 6 .
Has 150 pages of info on use for people , plants and pets.
I use the liquid, but it also comes in tablet form.


Castor Oil Pack Usage
Rather than do a whole bunch of typing and error checking I’ve used the write-up from the company I buy from. Have used one time or another, castor oil packs over a period of forty years.
( still use them)
Has spared me numerous doctor bills. Wasn’t much out on using castor packs until 1993, that’s when the book ” The Oil That Heals “by W.A. McGarey M.D., came out. ( ISBN #0-87604-308-2 )
My original awareness on castor oil packs was from Edgar Cayce material. I’ve also bought castor oil locally and have used cut up wool socks and cotton tee shirts in doing these castor oil packs. Just be sure to put some plastic or Saran wrap over the pack. It is very difficult to clean up castor oil stains. In between usages I store my items in a plastic bag. When its time for fresh cloths, just throw out the old ones. So if you have a hurt or any kind of healing problem, give the castor oil packs a try. At various times, I have applied to neck, shoulder, heart area, liver areas, knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists. Again, there is much more involved here than is being stated, I do it this way to spare you the long write-ups.

Ah yes, that ‘want to throw up’ feeling from the spinning sensations of vertigo.
Afraid to even move ones head, or fall over from the rapid dizzyness.
There is a new method now, that some in the healing profession are using, to disloge the ‘rocks’ in the inner ear. Google it. Haven’t tried this one, but some say it works well in giving immediate relief.

Anyway, what I have used and done for those severe wobble sensations is plain ginger powder. I pack the ginger into gelatin capsules. any size I happened to have around. Mostly have used the ‘OO’capsules, but have used smaller and larger sizes. Normally one capsule will remove all the wozzy sensations. On some occaisens two or three were used. One vertigo bout required one capsule every hour for four hours, before relief set in. Buying in bulk by the pound is how I do it.
One can also buy ginger capsules at most pharmacys, at a reasonable price.
There are other virtues with ginger, but thats another story.

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  • Sarah, how nice to hear your voice here. Pleased to know you use these remedies, I still make use of them.
    Ah yes those wonderful days and times in San Diego.
    Love, hugs and tons of belly tingling laughter.
    Be Well

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