# 72 Glioblastoma and Your Future

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Will post further info in the near future. So until that happens check out the survivor list blow. While this condition ( glioblastoma ) is some very serious stuff, there is hope for you. Not everyone believes so. As I further research it out, will get back here to put in updates.

11-22-06 update
Have added comments in my other posts, related to cancers. Will admit though, that hearing about this type, really shook me up. But as mentioned in the other posts, its all doable in correcting. Have added another site that has encouraging data in correcting the cancer / tumor conditions , and are listed below.

11-25-06 update
Author of this book was operated on in 1995, tells of how he did it.
Full book version
Short version

Related information

Updated 12 – 13 – 2006 – added another source.

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