# 60 Talker on Breast Tumor

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# 60 Talker on Breast Tumor

Finding a lump anywhere, that wasn’t there before, can raise ones concerns about it. Mostly though, that first thought triggers a fear, that can stop one in their tracks. That dreaded word that is becoming an emotional downer.
Don’t let it get you into a ‘downer’ period.
Yes, be concerned, consider though that many are and have overcome it.


Emotions will play a big part, in coping with it all.

Many are sharing their success stories on how they handled it .

Here are some stories, that show it can be done.

Seeing through Breast Tumor
By Misa
Thursday, May 20th, 2010
Welcome again dear friend!

I feel so blessed …Every day this healing community we are creating grows and grows. It is with deepest gratitude that I am able to assist you in this journey to reclaim your power to heal yourself. So many of you have listened to the audio case studies of others who’ve healed themselves. And the feedback on the complimentary bonus exercise has been joyous.

So far we’ve listened to two deeply moving case studies, one by Judy and one by Kevin. Each is a testament that the power to heal ourselves is real and lives powerfully inside every one of us! I hope you’ve all been able to download and try out the exercise in my last post. Getting rid of self-limiting assumptions is such an important part of opening ourselves up to self-healing.

Today, we’ll journey together even further along the path of self-healing. We’ll listen to Krystalya tell her story of how she miraculously removed a lump in her breast permanently in 20 minutes … her story still makes my heart sing. And, another complimentary exercise will be available for download. This exercise is really special. It will help open the doorway to healing yourself. Lastly, I’ll share some exciting personal news with you. But first, let’s listen to Krystalya.

Part 1 – CASE STUDY: Krystalya Colors Away a Breast Tumor
Play the audio interview below to learn how best selling author Krystalya Marie eliminated a golf ball-sized tumor in her breast …completely gone … never to return … in only 20 minutes! Listen as she and I explore deeply how she was able to do this. Simply astounding and very moving to hear! It’s pure inspiration.
(follow the link below for the audio)

Part 2 – Bonus Exercise: Identify Your Intuitive Impulses Through Inspiration
Download the PDF file “Inspiration Bonus Exercise” below. It’s a powerful exercise to discover what inspires and motivates our self healing capacity. It’s a step-by-step process to help begin to unlock your healing potential, much the same way Krystalya unlocked hers. Enjoy dear friend!

Inspiration Bonus Exercise
(follow the link below for the Exercise)
Again, thank you for the wonderful heart-felt comments to these daily posts! Your voice helps me direct my attention to developing and providing you with the tools, wisdom, and resources to best help you achieve the health each and every one of you deserve.
Which brings me to my good news
I am thrilled to announce that I’m putting the finishing touches on my self healing home study course! It is a compilation of all of the tools and techniques I’ve learned and used throughout my time walking with others through their self-healing. And, your input and ideas have really helped me put together some bonuses to the course that I may have otherwise missed. In a way, we’ve been co-creators of this wonderful blessing!

The program is called “The Root of All Healing Home Study Course,” and is available for purchase this Saturday, May 22nd at 9:00am US Pacific Time. I’m so excited about it! Until now, I’ve been limited in the number of people I can serve in their self-healing. This internet release finally gives me the opportunity to offer all of my gifts to anyone who may benefit from them, without time or geographic restrictions. It has been a dream of mine to be able to do this. I’m feeling my emotions rise as I write. All I can say is thank you.

Tomorrow I will post again and include another exercise … it is one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll also provide more details regarding my self healing home study course.

If you have not posted a comment already, please do so … I would truly love to hear from each and every one of you.

Together we sing our songs of healing and individually we are healed!

In My Heart and Songs,


(original link for the audio (dont even ask why) )
(revised link for the audio )

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