# 55 Talker On The 2012 Event Now Happening

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# 55 Talker On The 2012 Event Now Happening

Paul Harvey would say ‘Now for the rest of the story’.
Major Bowes would say ‘Round and round she goes, where she stops, no one
Talker says ‘Tidbit’s from interesting reads on how it goes’.

Much to lengthy to properly cover in a short post, but may open some ‘food for thought’ within you.

Who and what are we humans that hustle and bustle through through our daily lives, with all its joys, tears, political corruption, religion, God believers and non-believers, blown up people and buildings, glass ceilings, cell phones, texting,
bankruptcies, foreclosures, and financial chicanery, only being the tip of the

(In no particular order)

“The Earth’s Kundalini is the secret energy that is connected to the hearts of all
mankind. Leave your mind and your constant thoughts and return to your heart. Inside your heart is a tiny place where all knowledge and wisdom reside. Whatever you need on all levels of your existence is there for you.

And, in the human and earthly changes that we are surrounded by, and the
incredible changes that are about to permeate our everyday lives, if you are living
in your heart, Mother Earth will take care of you with her soft magical love, the
same magical love that created this entire physical planet in the first place. In the midst of chaos, war, starvation, plagues, environmental crisis, and moral
breakdown that we are all experiencing here on Earth today, at the end of this
cycle, they understand the transition and know no fear.
On one level, this means that spiritually the female will now have her turn to lead
mankind (womankind) into the New Light. And eventually, this female spiritual
light will permeate the entire range of human experience from female leaders in
business and religion to female heads of state.”

Serious thought must be given and applied here. The female energies coming into
action, can eventually, and as easily lead to the treatment conditions imposed by
prior male leadership. The male protection and guidance the past 13,000 years, was a necessary step, but created an unbalanced energy field around the earth.

It is not ‘women’s turn’ as such, but a required process to ‘rebalance’ the unbalanced male ‘earth energy’ condition, before a much greater (grandly) cycle can activate fully.

Some what a Divine Masculine energy that is present now, that must be rebalanced with the Divine Feminine, creating harmony again.

As I absorbed this fresh influx of thoughts, I saw it some what as all already in motion. Male dominated ‘world events’ of wars, financial crisis, high male unemployment, females working, males as stay at home caretakers and fathers.
Certain females rising up in well named companies as CEO’s.

Nothing special when viewing world events on a one by one single happening, but
when viewed on an overall total basis, I tend to agree, that the world changes
taking place are indeed, part of the BIG picture of happenings already in motion.
Ah yes the mind twisters and comprehension of concepts.
Been there, pondered that, gained some headway.
An unlimited number of boxes stuffed into a box concept.
Now imagine each box as a round ball , but still appearing as a disk.
Now imagine specific markings on each round disk similar to a Denham disk.
Now imagine each disk being translucent.
Now imagine each disk spinning at a different rate.
Now imagine these all occupying the same space.
Now see the 6,697,254,041 people in the world and their energy field, at play
primarily in the outermost whirling disk.
And you have the basis concept of the scope of activity at work and in action.
Yes much is still left out, but this is not a book, but ‘food for thought’.

While there are many common denominators within the many religious and metaphysical teachings available, there are numerous variances in some, that
‘upset the apple cart’, regards ‘what is the truth of it all!’.

Becomes very difficult for many to reach a clear ‘understanding’, when, and if
curious enough, one research’s the various religious and metaphysical teachings,
and find there, a lack of congruency beyond a certain point. And no, am not
interested in going further into that lack of congruency.

Is still part of a research project, with many troublesome areas, yet to be understood. Jane Roberts, Seth material has been high on the believability factor.
Yet, of those I’ve listened to or read about, many strain my ‘believability factor’, so
is a work still in progress. So, right or wrong, I question, and do the research
necessary to gain insight.
Then I go within and ‘listen’. We are all very unique expressions of Source,
experiencing in unique ways our individual physical and spiritual Being, yet, all
united as One.

Was deep into ‘probabilities and possibilities’ mode, when my Babbler chimes in
with ‘give it more what if’s’ and play it out’. Of course many avenues of questions
were in the ‘normal insanity’ range.
During ones life time, many people flow into and out of ones experiences, as life
force energies. Casual acquaintances, children, relatives, employers, lovers, and so
forth, are in and out as cycles unfold and fade away into oblivion.
But what actually happens to those energies!
These type of thoughts were out of my ‘normal insanity’ range.

The way I understand it though, once a thought has been given energy, it continues on into the world of ‘probabilities and possibilities’.

Now enters incarnation and reincarnation .
Not concerned with the pro and con of it, only the ‘what if’ aspect.
Recent writes allude to parallel universes, and other ‘I’s’ carrying on and actually
giving rise to ones existence in another ‘Now’, in another time frame, working out
all the ‘probabilities and possibilities’ that are happening in those time slots.
Mention is also made that all periods of the so called past, are actually in play,
going back to day ‘one’, all going on at one time.

Wow! Any country in the world or universe and at any given point of time.
Building the pyramids, the wall of China, carving on a wall in a cave some where!
Plowing some field, growing rice, building a telescope, building a railroad, chasing
a saber tooth tiger or running from it, tanning an animal hide, trimming my toe
nails in ancient Siberia, a prisoner in London Tower, being captured for slaving !
Could it actually be that way, and all limited only by ones thoughts regards
‘probabilities and possibilities’ thinking!

In some scenarios, I’m being born, in another I’m dying, in others I’m rich, poor, in
good health, in poor health, with current mate under various conditions, with new
loves under various conditions and so forth, as a male, as a female.
All those happenings are ‘playing’ out the various ‘probabilities and possibilities’
that could have taken place. How else to gain a particular experience, except to
actually live it! This happens with each and every one of the 6,697,254,041 souls
alive today.

Mention is made that some of those ‘events’ are fed back in ones dreams, as
solutions to current happenings. Tends to maybe validate the many mentions in the bible of dreams that those biblical figures had.
May even be why some current thinking states ‘pay attention to your dreams’ for
answers to life conditions.

I wonder who’s loving me now, Hmmn, back to sleep for a closer look.

So what’s you’re thoughts about numerous other lives going on at any given time!
May appear that some of the above words are in unrelated themes, yet if my overall impression is even close, there is much more to our human existence and God relationships then has ever been explained or taught to us.

Still sorting it all out, and it actually prove nothing as of this moment, yet can only
see it all as fact, myth, fiction, tales, Mayan, dozens of indigenous races, and
beliefs, taking on new meaning.

All beautiful and mind boggling at the same time.

Very clumsy wording here, but it is all so massive in scope, I can only mentally
perceive it, but not capably describe it.

So until more winnowing unfolds,
Be Well

1 comment to # 55 Talker On The 2012 Event Now Happening

  • Thank you for posting this Talker.

    Harmonizes with my recent subterranean communique.

    Also known as the ‘results’ or affects of a negative animus which shows up as wounded ego-soul.

    More can be said here … as always ~

    Love from KC,

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