# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

The Psychics Blog # 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

There are numerous little, life tid-bits, (as I call them) that provide enough of a KEY to allow one to enter into the Inner Silence and find just how they relate to you.

While obtaining answers from others can be a valid source, why […]

# 59 Open Letter to All Huna Practitioners

The Psychics Blog # 59 Open Letter to All Huna Practitioners

What say ye, Huna Practitioners, regards this post!

Mr. Vince Wingo you had posted my name and address on your blog rather then resolve this little issue privately, and you did so without any notice or communication with me. So be it. ‘What goes […]

# 58 Talker To Huna Research Institute

The Psychics Blog # 58 Talker To Huna Research Institute

To the Huna Research Institute managed by Vince Wingo, and any Huna practitioners that are unaware of what this post is all about, here is the nub of it.

My gripe is not about Huna. My gripe is about a set of DVD’s purchased from […]

# 57 Talker to Vince Wingo

The Psychics Blog # 57 Talker to Vince Wingo

Mr Wingo you turned a simple business transaction into a personal attack toward me. Your ‘’ blog post states:

CrimeStoppersPosted by Rev. James Vincent Wingo, DD on July 21, 2010 at 4:02pm in Q&A View Discussions Please report any illegal activity, including bootlegging and Internet fraud. […]

# 56 Talker on Kahuna Application Three

The Psychics Blog # 56 Talker Kahuna Application Venture Three

Goodness, I’ve strayed from my true spiritual beliefs. Actually gave in to being annoyed. This was due to being ignored by one, that for what ever reason, refused to communicate regards a product purchased from him.

Yes, do watch for poor quality DVD’s claiming […]


# 55 Talker On The 2012 Event Now Happening

The Psychics Blog # 55 Talker On The 2012 Event Now Happening

Paul Harvey would say ‘Now for the rest of the story’. Major Bowes would say ‘Round and round she goes, where she stops, no one knows’. Talker says ‘Tidbit’s from interesting reads on how it goes’.

Much to lengthy to properly cover in […]

# 54 Talkers Kahuna Venture Two

The Psychics Blog # 54 Talkers Kahuna Ventures Two

For one supposedly deep into Huna living, I find it amazing that Vince Wingo refuses to answer emails sent to his business site. Although one can make a comment on his blog, he moderates comments. Moderating comments is a good practice, but have left comments to […]

# 53 Talkers Kahuna Ventures

The Psychics Blog # 53 Talkers Kahuna Ventures

While reading the books written by Serge Kahili King, I found the Hawaiian language way with words very interesting. As Sun Bear said it though, and why my interests here, is: Hawaiian shamanism. ‘For people seeking deeper knowledge of the shamanic wisdom of today and how to […]

# 52 Talker on ‘Energy Healing’ Book Find

The Psychics Blog # 52 Talker on ‘Energy Healing’ Book Find

What an interesting book this has proven to be. There are a number of books with the same title, but none like this one. Of course all the other reads were excellent material, but lacked the personal details such as did Mr Stellitano’s detailing […]