Talkers Poems

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——————————————————————————– Talkers Poems

——————————————————————————– I Am Earth

I am earth, I am you, from me you were formed, we are now, us, to me thou shalt return, that which is mine, thy love is the day, thy smiles the sunrise and sunset, thy thoughts are my winds, thy actions […]

# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

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The Healers Blog # 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

To a posed question regards curing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition. Cure is a strong word. Getting rid of or greatly reducing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition makes it a tad easier to address.

Well […]

# 61 Talker on Sunburn – Tan vs Skin Cancer

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The Healers Blog # 61 Talker on Sunburn – Tan vs Skin Cancer

Better late than never. Anyway, as a teenager, I recall that most of the time, I could be out in the sun with only two results. Beet red and tender to the touch or a tanned skin and no sunburn. Had often […]

# 59 Talkers List of Home Remedies

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The Healers Blog # Talkers List of Home Remedies

Home Remedies I’ve used. While this list is small, it actually covers a lot of territory, application wise. ——————————————————————————–

How I mix and use various herbs for my use, cause some to question my sanity. I use common sense with all of these items, and yes, […]

# 31 Winters Itch and Herb Thoughts

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Doing my last post as regards “winters itch”, and laying out the herbs that would contribute to a “normal “ condition, triggered thoughts from long ago. Scared and fearful were the first ones to come up. The reading about how dangerous doing health things on your own was another. As I ventured into the world […]

# 11 Health-Lies-Statistics and The Babbler

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I read, I study, I examine, I listen, I reflect, and out of all of this I try to form an idea into which I put as much common sense as I can.” -Marquis de Lafayette-

“Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss, ISBN 0940985101.

“Nature’s Vitamins and Minerals” by Dr. John Heinerman ISBN 0735200726.

“School […]

# 75 Fibromyalgia: The Invented Disease ! (Updated 3/7/09)

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What a mess we mortals are in. If one is in good health , no problem. If one is in fair health, life is still tolerable. But when one is not in good health and you start the doctor visits routine, is where health things can and often do, start to wear one out in […]

# 18 More On Apple Cider Vinegar Use

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August 20, 2004 Health Sciences

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Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute e-Alert, 8/1/2003 This week in the HSI Forum If you’ve ever heard about the healthy benefits of apple cider vinegar and wanted to find out more, there’s a thread on the HSI Forum this week that will provide all the […]

# 6 Honegar

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7/16/2004 Health Wise # 3 The Talker Honegar: As a starting point use, Equal amounts of Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar. ( Clover is tastier, but I have tried many other flavors ) (DON’T USE WHITE VINEGAR, it is made from non-food things.) It takes a bit of stirring to get it mixed right. Flavor […]

# 5 Oil of Oregano # 1:Updated 10/10/1014

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Health Wise. On Razors Edge Oil of Oregano : Have used Oil of Oregano. ( still am ) It is a good product . At this point I’m not sure if any other source is as potent, as North American Herb and Spice Company. My experience is , if being used for a health condition, […]