# 147 Talker More On Gliomas and Surviving

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Razors Edge Blog # 147 Talker More On Gliomas and Surviving

Okay, understand I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. but I sure can talk about that mother of all cancers, ‘glioblastoma’. Have experienced the pain, suffering and sorrow of a family member going through it.

Yes, the ‘glioblastoma’ won out […]

# 62 Talker on All Day Energy Greens

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The Healers Blog # 62 Talker on All Day Energy Greens

Why I wanted to try and use All Day Energy Greens. The ingredients are a powerful mix of nutrients that I’m very familiar with, and was looking for a way to boost my good food intake.

Same company I had written to about, on […]

# 61 Talker on Sunburn – Tan vs Skin Cancer

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The Healers Blog # 61 Talker on Sunburn – Tan vs Skin Cancer

Better late than never. Anyway, as a teenager, I recall that most of the time, I could be out in the sun with only two results. Beet red and tender to the touch or a tanned skin and no sunburn. Had often […]

# 59 Talkers List of Home Remedies

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The Healers Blog # Talkers List of Home Remedies

Home Remedies I’ve used. While this list is small, it actually covers a lot of territory, application wise. ——————————————————————————–

How I mix and use various herbs for my use, cause some to question my sanity. I use common sense with all of these items, and yes, […]

# 19 Talker With Babbler Thoughts On Placebos

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Nothing But The Truth Blog # 19 Talker With Babbler Thoughts On Placebos

Was busy with finding and correcting minor errors in my blogs, when my Babbler yelped for my attention. ‘What did you think about the Zander write about the Placebo effect’, inquires Babbler. ‘Good bit of information’ I reply. ‘That’s it? No […]

# 14 P.T. Barnum Would Approve Kevin Trudeaus’s Ways !

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Did a search on the net to see what all the fuss is about regards Kevin Trudeau’s two “Cures” books. From what I can find Mr.Trudeau is one slick operator. He admits to being a convicted two time felon and has been in prison, yup. He’s in all kinds of FTC and FDA trouble, yup. […]

# 29 More Ways of a Healer

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Had responded to a forum post with most of what is written here. While I don’t generally detail any specific method, this was a broad enough description to overcome my reluctance to do so. Have modified the original post some what for inclusion here, for those interested in energy healing. With this post in mind, […]

# 111 Cancer : A Multi-System Disease

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Am pleased to post this information on healing cancer naturally, with herbs. Is it fool-proof! No healing system is fool-proof. Will it work every time! Nothing in healing, works every time. Will it hurt me! You got cancer, and you worry about hurt! My doctor won’t like this! Cancer is not a popularity contest. My […]

# 10 Forbidden Cures Info & Junk Product Buys To Avoid

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** September 07, 2007**Dear reader,Imagine if someone you loved died of cancer, and you found out there was a cure no one told you about. Would that make you angry? Then get ready to get mad because…The cures exist but establishment medicine won’t let us have them. A brand-new book unveils these natural cures — […]

# 17 Psychic Related Notes Recovered

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Have recovered some notes, that went into the way one “feels” when “recognition sets in” regards “coincidences” in ones life. Did delete some names and correct errors from the original spelling, done a few years back. These were posted on a site that was deep into the “unusual events in ones life”. I do use […]