# 42 Talker on the Candida Conundrum!

The Healers Blog # 42 Talker on the Candida Conundrum!

Ah yes, as some in the family were at one time made aware by me, of the saliva test, it did cause a crazy next morning ‘spit in a glass of water’ to check it out, test. Guess there were a dozen or more people […]

# 4 Grapefruit Seed Extract: Updated 6/17/2009

(Updated 6/17/2009) Still using it. I keep a spare bottle on hand now, to take along when away from home.

Grapefruit Seed Extract not grape seed is the product. First time I went to buy it , store clerks kept showing me grape seed , which is not the same stuff. I came across this […]