# 19 The Pit In The Cherry and The Guitar

Had decided that I was going to revive some old and long forgotten interests in music and playing the guitar. A few in the family are fairly adept in producing listenable musical sounds. I enjoy the sounds of the piano, organ, guitar, and the keyboards. Enjoyed a few of the older country music singers, and […]

# 37 Herxheimer Effect Is What! Updated 4/15/2010

So you feel worse than before, after starting on a new regime of products to improve or correct a health condition! Well, if you tested the product out for any allergic reactions and none showed, be glad. Often , a person will quit the product when they feel worse, instead of continuing. This can be […]

# 25 What Is A Healing Crisis? Herxheimer!

What is a healing crisis? A healing crisis is the opposite of a dis-ease crisis yet in many ways feels the same, and symptoms are often similar. It’s very important to make the distinction between the symptoms of dis-ease process and those of the healing process. Healing crisis usually occurs after a period of increased […]