# 147 Talker More On Gliomas and Surviving

Razors Edge Blog # 147 Talker More On Gliomas and Surviving

Okay, understand I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. but I sure can talk about that mother of all cancers, ‘glioblastoma’. Have experienced the pain, suffering and sorrow of a family member going through it.

Yes, the ‘glioblastoma’ won out […]

# 59 Talkers List of Home Remedies

The Healers Blog # Talkers List of Home Remedies

Home Remedies I’ve used. While this list is small, it actually covers a lot of territory, application wise. ——————————————————————————–

How I mix and use various herbs for my use, cause some to question my sanity. I use common sense with all of these items, and yes, […]

# 32 Talker on Mind As A Computer Part 2 of 3

The Ancient One Speaks Blog # 32 Talker on Mind As A Computer Part 2 of 3

Are you aware…… You have 100,000,000 receptors in your eyes to see with. You have 24,000 fibers in EACH ear to hear with You have 500 Muscles, 200 Bones & 7 miles of nerve fiber to move with […]

# 49 Talkers Chakra Reality

The Psychics Blog # 49 Talkers Chakra Reality

We are, as I have read, and believe to be true, spirit, soul and body. This triad is intimately related to each other. What happens or affects the ‘one’, will also affect the other two in some way, shape or form. So now, what takes place when […]

# 48 Talker With More Chakra Thoughts.

The Psychic Blog # 48 Talker With More Chakra thoughts

Going through and searching blogs can be like magic at times. On can finds list describing life and death,ultimate realities, tutorials that stretch ones imagination. That these WordPress posts may assist you, in what you are seeking, pleases me. Chakra’s can be, when first learning […]

# 46 Talker on Filters of Lifes Reality

The Psychics Blog # 46 Talker on Filter of Lifes Reality

Ah yes, the pro and con of everything, is an ongoing process. It is not my intention to downgrade any sound advice, or process offered by others. Yet there is the personal reality of each and every individual experiencing, that is unique to them. […]

# 21 Talker on Franken-Corn

Nothing But The Truth # 21 Talker on Franken-Corn Just read in the paper where Mexico has put aside a long standing resistance to genetically modified corn. France called it quits with planting genetically modified corn. All the tampering with nature by introducing genetically modified plants, is upsetting the natural environmental balance. Animals, birds, bee’s […]

# 131 Talker on EFT Use For An Autistic Child

Razors Edge Blog # 131 Talker on EFT Use For An Autistic Child

While I have no actual experience using EFT as outlined here, I see how it could assist the parent and child. Be Well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Using EFT for an autistic child Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers […]

# 38 Talker on Whole Body Herb Tonic: Updated

# 38 The Healers Blog Talker on Whole Body Herb Tonic Tune-up (Updated 6-16-2008)

Been almost ten years since I last made a batch of the Whole Body Herb Tonic. Gradually that batch was used up and I needed to reorder some missing herbs. Well one thing led to another, and just never got around […]

# 36 Talker on Healing Energies

There are many and various routine that can be utilized with any healing process. The same applies when one desires to restore or increase, ones own, energy level. Finding a healing process that one can use without all the complex processes and attached dogmatic concepts though, is another matter. Then there is ones own belief […]