# 59 Talkers List of Home Remedies

The Healers Blog # Talkers List of Home Remedies

Home Remedies I’ve used. While this list is small, it actually covers a lot of territory, application wise. ——————————————————————————–

How I mix and use various herbs for my use, cause some to question my sanity. I use common sense with all of these items, and yes, […]

# 38 Talker on Whole Body Herb Tonic: Updated

# 38 The Healers Blog Talker on Whole Body Herb Tonic Tune-up (Updated 6-16-2008)

Been almost ten years since I last made a batch of the Whole Body Herb Tonic. Gradually that batch was used up and I needed to reorder some missing herbs. Well one thing led to another, and just never got around […]

# 31 Winters Itch and Herb Thoughts

Doing my last post as regards “winters itch”, and laying out the herbs that would contribute to a “normal “ condition, triggered thoughts from long ago. Scared and fearful were the first ones to come up. The reading about how dangerous doing health things on your own was another. As I ventured into the world […]

# 30 Talkers Thoughts About Winters Itch

When I first became aware of what is referred to as “winters Itch”, I never looked at it as a big problem to anyone. How wrong that thought proved to be. Searching the net showed 127,000 hits. Sheesh, what a revelation while reading many of the hits. People are in pain and agony. Every kind […]