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# 30 Talker on Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Well now, Win 8.1 as an operating system is a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type of system.
There is no smoothness in learning of it, nor any sense in how layed out, or how it functions for a serious computer user. At least is the way I’m experiencing it.

Microsoft Windows 8.1, as designed, is not the way I use a computer.

Microsoft needs to do as GM did, with those responsible for the faulty ignition ‘switch’installed in many automobile models. FIRE THEM.

Fire anyone involved in designing and approving Microsoft Windows 8.1.
Oh, I understand the ‘why’ of what is / was intended by those designing it.
But they should have approached it all before sniffing glue, and using LSD.
Do I dislike Win 8.1, sheesh words cannot describe my disgust with it.
Am I miffed, yes.
Am I pissed, yes.
Did I cuss, yes.
Did I read ‘Windows 8.1 for Dummies’, yes.
Have I spent time with it to learn this crazy program, yes.
Were I to put into words, all the words used after the install, would need to X rate this post.
Would I recommend this Microsoft Windows 8.1 to anyone, NO.

Oh there will be a few that will love it, no wont say it!

Have Wabi-Sabi’ed Win 8.1, and may eventually return to normal insanity!
As I continue with Win 8.1, more and more reasons keep showing up on why I dislike it.
right click for properties reverts to desktop

Win 8.1

Doing a mouse right click to get Properties of a particular folder, causes a revert to the desktop.

This 8.1 action is NOT what I’m used to seeing happen.

Looking to obtain the folder size total, of all the files within that folder.

When I right click, to get properties on those same left panes, it closes the view of documents and reverts to the desktop.
This happens with all folders when doing a right click in the left panes, to obtain ‘Properties..

Most annoying when wanting to ‘Rename’ a folder.

I can right click in any of the right panes, I do get a normal properties setting showing.

These folders are put in place when doing the initial install.
I don’t feel that one should have to, or need to play around, with folders, to get what I used to as with Win XP / Win 98, etc.

The ongoing annoyances of Win 8.1, for me, as a desktop user, is a huge negative.
Yes, I am a dinosaur, going back to DOS days when many of you Win 8.1 lovers weren’t even born.

Many were the incremental upgrades , many were the momentary yelps of ‘Sheesh, another MS screw up’.
Most were readily corrected, yet all those prior events pale in face of Win 8.1.

Win 8.1 may be ahead of the times, technology wise, but user wise it is another story.

Is to much, to fast.

Ah yes, there was born, an entrepreneurial soul, in (China, Iowa, Kansas, California, Canada) much like the lad that started with DOS, those many decades ago, that led to things like DOS 6.x,, Win 98. Win XP, etc..

This soul, see’s the magnitude, of the Microsoft Win 8.1 dislike, through comments such as this, and is ready to pounce.

That soul recognizes that there are serious desktop users, serious businesses users, and hand held device users. That each has it’s place and function.

Wonder if the 18,000 positions Microsoft just wiped out was a result of Win 8.1.

Yes, there will be patent suits, but to no avail. Win 8.1 will have proven to the world, that you just don’t ignore your loyal users, or shaft them with things like Win 8.1.

The new OS will merge the good points from DOS, Win 98, and Win XP. into a highly usable platform, and will be nearly immune to any cyber attacks.

Sorry to see you go Microsoft, maybe you can buy stock in the new OS system that will take over, after the void left by your admittedly, venturesome, Win 8.1 fiasco.
Ok, so Microsoft is expanding into mobile phones.

Is their business to do so, but why do they take for granted that I, as a desktop user will enjoy a hand held device OS system, like Win 8.1, that just don’t fit in for my needs .

Regardless, am looking at alternatives systems rather then continue with this detested version of windows..
Had I been aware on 5/10/2014, of these highly unlikable , detestable aspects of Win 8.1 would never ever spent good money on it.

So have wasted almost three months of my time , on what was an OS system that did not live up to what loyal customers had come to expect.

If there is a class action against Microsoft in any manner for putting out a botched up OS system, would like to be one of the first to sign on.

How anyone, especially a business, can use the win 8.1 for anything except a play thing on a hand held device is an excellent lesson in frustration and aggravation..

Appears it will be back to Win XP for me, and the fall out and eventual lockup of the internet due to the many hacked XP’s will be a direct reflection upon Microsoft for the botching up of Vista and Win 8.1, as badly as was done.
With the desire to keep on top of OS advances and demise of Win XP,, did do the Win 8.1 thing.
Win XP had it’s problems, and solved mostly readily.
Win 8.1 is another matter.
I usually have a smooth learning curve for most computer situations.
How disgusting it is for a desktop user.
For hand held devices, yes, it might be a usable OS platform.
Well, lets just say, It’s not for me.
Aside from the expected , like in Win XP, there is no harmony to the learning curve, and strange and awkward things happen.
Saves from an email account (Yahoo) is crappy and difficult.
Saving from an on line site is a mind wrenching piece of aggravation.
Previously most email and web site info could be simply saved ‘as text’ , not so with Win 8.1.
Any text saves, and you get all the HTML code in every saved item.
Doing a ‘Refresh’ removed sound and printer drivers and all the installed programs, contrary to what was said about ‘Refresh’?
Why did I do a ‘Refresh’ you ask? Because I detected a weird unexplainable ‘action’, hard to describe thing.
Unable to get Realtek audio back and or front jack to be recognized and speakers are not listenable.
Ah, going to dedicate a unit to Win XP and keep it ‘off’ line, for running my style desktop programs.
So on and on, the more I use Win 8.1, the more I would gladly go back to DOS 3.3. Ha Ha.
Went in and got the same message that showed when it had wiped out the audio drivers, killed my print drivers, removed Office and Excel, plus many others.

Message said

‘Insert Media . Some files are missing. Your windows installation or recovery media will provide these files’.

(Having just performed this action, Why are some files again missing !)

Had performed a scannow BEFORE doing the Refresh, as past experiences were that ‘odd’ PC actions were corrected by doing so. Got the message from Scannow that ‘nothing’ showed up to correct, at which point I did the Refresh resulting in the messed up PC.

So something is still ‘wrong’ with Win 8.1, as Scannow found nothing to correct, but Refresh said ‘Files’ missing.

Did not want to further ‘screw up’ the progress made since that mess took place, so did ‘Cancel’ the event, as I don’t recall if there was an opportunity given to cancel, once started.

Sorry, I still say, that Win 8.1 is for hand held devices, and not for serious desktop users.

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# 148 Talker on Ron Paul

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Razors Edge Blog
# 148 Talker on Ron Paul

While I don’t 100% agree with all that Ron Paul stands for, I do believe that he is the one person that our country really needs as our next President.
Enough of hidden and secret agenda’s by elected officials
Enough of deceit and hypocrisy by elected officials
Enough blood shed by any and all nations.

Is Ron Paul the only answer to America’s truth and future!
I’m unable to answer that question.
Yet we Americans do need to hear the real truth of the ‘state of affairs’ we facing as a nation.

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# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

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The Healers Blog
# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

To a posed question regards curing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition.
Cure is a strong word.
Getting rid of or greatly reducing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition makes it a tad easier to address.

Well now, I’m not a doctor, but I realize some things, one just has to do for ones self.
Pop a prescription pill or whatever, and presto, all health problems are fixed. Ha, get real.
Treating something acute, is not the same as treating something chronic.
Most individuals just don’t want to hear about what could ‘work’, but takes time, like three to six months.
The web abounds with many types of solutions. Problem here is that there is no single, simple solution.
We are all souls carrying unique baggage. So what works for one just may not work for another.

So where are we!
Oh yeah, ‘Do you know how I can cure a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress?’.
Right up front will say ‘nope’.
But were I so troubled, would very much look into all the corners, nooks and crannies of prior experiences.
Would be rereading some of my older blog posts.
Would be asking ‘am I pooping enough on a regular basis!
Would be doing a liver cleanse.

What with all the fake foods, fake sweeteners, polluted water, polluted air, and you name it, ones body is unable to get rid of all those substances fast enough. Then there are bosses, spouses, partners, automobiles, job or no job,
politicians at city, county, state, and national levels, corporate greed and the stress involved with it all.

The body and mind is simply overloaded on a constant basis.
So the body stores some unwanted residue, that it can’t get rid of fast enough, in various parts of the body.
The unwanted residue takes on a new life within the body.
Commonly these are referred to as: arthritis, cancer of this or that organ, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and so on in an almost endless list.
Some unwanted things turn into lumps and bumps that are stored throughout the body.
So where are we!
Oh yeah, ‘Do you know how I can cure a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress?’.
Definitely would look at things like:

Marshmallow poultices
Marshmallow tea
Marshmallow root formulas in gelatin capsules
Marigold salve
Uva Ursi tinctures
Oil of Thyme mixed with a tad of vegetable oil as a poultice
Comfry for a short time internally, and with no concern externally
Corn Silk
Foods with silicon in them
Apple cider vinegar
Oil of Oregano
Watercress internal and external
Body energy work
Get a non traditional healer to do some ‘works’.
Of course you’re already are using a traditional healer.
There are more avenues involved, but for now.

Like already mentioned, not all things work for all people, so a tad of experimentation is required. The Silva method and EFT are valuable things to check out, as is Energy work.
And yes, outside of a miracle, it would take three to six months to get a final resolve.

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# 23 Talkers I Am Earth

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See What I See

I am earth, I am you,
from me you were formed,
we are now, us,
to me thou shalt return, that which is mine,
thy love is the day, thy smiles the sunrise and sunset,
thy thoughts are my winds,
thy actions are my eruptions,
thy secret tears are my floods,
thy fears are my earthquakes,
thy disregard combined are my tsunami’s
you have violated the us, I am now also violated,
my healing causes in you, fear,
the us must heal,
thy mind violated, us,
thy mind can heal, us,
I, the earth, will survive,
change thy ways,
the us will survive.

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# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

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The Psychics Blog
# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

There are numerous little, life tid-bits, (as I call them) that provide enough of a KEY to allow one to enter into the Inner Silence and find just how they relate to you.

While obtaining answers from others can be a valid source, why not get closer to the True Source and find out for your self! Will doing so make every thing rosy and perfect in life! Give me a break, please.What you will or could have is a better understanding why things are as they are with you.

Often, in matters such as this, I hear that nothing one does seems to work for them.
Well, fret not, just alter the way you prepare for the experience.
Like one saying goes ‘it’s insane to keep doing the same thing over and over, getting the same old nothing results, while expecting some thing new to take place’.

To start, a quite spot, no phone, no radio, no music. (for this first new experience)
Use the floor or a comfortable chair.
Close your eyes, and just be you, while doing NOTHING but being present for just five minutes.

So how did you feel!
Uncomfortable! Hot! Cold! Itchy! Restless! Mind wandering all over the place! Or ……!
Ah yes, not used to that feeling of being in company with your own body without external inputs..
So lets change that feeling.

Use a learning process that is for now, free, and does work.
How do I know!
I’ve used a variant of it for many decades. Still do.

While this series of three programs is still offered for free, be aware it could be taken down with out notice at any time. So please at least get them now and use when you are ready to try it out.
Yes, Silva does have many programs that one can purchase, but you are not pressured to buy any. Well maybe an increased flow of emails asking you to buy and try. (have by the purchased quite a few)

So learn to relax 101, here we go:

Relaxing is crucial to things of this nature.

Once you can honestly and easily relax, you are ready to ‘ get closer to the True Source of every thing and find out how certain tid-bits of life relate to you’.

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# 27 Talker and WP Updates

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The Peaceful Warrior
# 27 Talker and WP Updates

While I still use WordPress, I still find it clumsy to use.

When I came across this article regards WordPress, just had to add my thoughts on it.

( What I posted)
Good article the touches upon many tender spots that I, as a blogger have experienced.
While I’ve ranted and cussed out the WordPress updated versions, I do realize that those many changes from “WordPress 2.3.3″ to “WordPress 3.2.1″ does serve many beautifully.

So what’s the “beef’!

(read the rest at:)
The Software is Wrong, Not the People

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# 29 Talker on New Kahuna Secrets Power Training on DVD

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Nothing But The Truth Blog
# 29 Talker on New Kahuna Secrets Power Training on DVD

Ha, same ad I had come across when I was looking for Huna related material, beyond that found in Max Freedom Longs books.

What a disappointment it proved to be, upon responding to this ad.
Even the James Mason shown below, didn’t respond to any emails, once they got the money.
Wingo’s way of handling redress requests is described in the links below.
Here is part of the current Wingo web ad
You can get the Complete Set of
the New Kahuna Secrets of Psychic
Power Training on DVD … with
Two Additional Videos of Advanced
Techniques … that’s 14 DVDs …
… (a $995 value) for only $397 + P&H

I look forward to getting your reply.
Regardless of your decision, I wish you all the best for the future.



James Mason

PS – Just a quick note here. If, after you’ve gone through all 14 of the DVDs and you don’t love them, just send them back within 60 days of ordering and we’ll give you your money back. That’s more than fair, right?

PPS – This offer is for a Limited Time ONLY! … but I do have the next couple of days to work on your orders … so let me know right away.

PPPS – I understand if you need to make payments to get this deal … so just let me know it you want them, OK? … just talk to me and I can work with you. If you have any questions you need answered before you get this deal, then feel free to email me privately. And if you don’t like ordering online … you can call me at 1-573-334-3478 with your Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover Card in hand. Orders Only!

PPPPS – Hey … in today’s world, where Specialized Training DVDs are regularly selling for $49.95 to $79.96 each … or more … getting THESE for only about $28.35 each, is quite literally “peanuts!” You owe it to yourself to get these!

“Act Now” because this offer ENDS on November 5, 2010!
Click this button to get yours →



If you start believing the above ad blurb, read what happens when you see how poor the quality of these DVDs are, and dare to request redress of any type.
(This statement and my complaint is based on the DVDs I received in 2008)


(Read the full hard to get a refund story here)

(This is my story of how Wingo ignores redress requests)

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# 147 Talker More On Gliomas and Surviving

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Razors Edge Blog
# 147 Talker More On Gliomas and Surviving

Okay, understand I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. but I sure can talk about that mother of all cancers, ‘glioblastoma’. Have experienced the pain, suffering and sorrow of a family member going through it.

Yes, the ‘glioblastoma’ won out and was a painful to witness period of time.(see ‘Letter To Mike’ link below)

Doing a Google ‘Gliomas’ search and reading through the shown listings is disheartening with the stories one can read about.
Searching for ‘glioblastoma-multiforme’ shows lesser numbers but is the most severe type for any to experience, usually fatal.

When I first heard about ‘glioblastoma-multiforme’ there were serious questions.
Had asked myself ‘How would I cope with a thing like ‘glioblastoma-multiforme’!
Not my intent here to ‘pound’ on the medical profession, but there is really nothing they can do beyond saying ‘go home and make sure all the ‘paper’ work is in order”.

More promising was the search in Amazon and reading the comments there on ‘cancer’ and especially ‘brain cancers’, by various authors of books describing what they went through upon being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Underlying it all, is ones true belief factors and the will to survive.One thing for sure, we are all going to die. Not if but ‘when’.

With thoughts toward surviving any illness is the quality of life issue ‘after’ a major life threatening event. How would one cope with any loss of sight, paralysis, income, and resulting medical bills!

When I hear or read that ‘one’ is cancer free after any treatment protocol, can only shake my head and say ‘bull’. From what I’ve read so far, is that one can have cancer cells floating around inside them, (as with other known illness bugs) but for some reason they are not creating a problem health wise. (May be due to a healthy immune system)

At this point of time (age wise) not much concerned with passing on, yet if it were necessary, would do a healing protocol, not favored by the orthodox medical community. (if interested links are below)

So, any that are going through a Gliomas event or any serious illness for that matter, don’t give up hope. Deciding on ‘what and how’ to proceed is the tough part. Yes, a decision must be made, stressful as that will be.

The body is a masterful work of art, with intelligence built in, to heal itself of most any illness and given half a chance, will do that healing. Yes, I do believe there is a God, just not like most were taught to believe.
If you have religious beliefs, trust and invoke its higher power.
If you have no religious beliefs, trust and invoke the bodies healing power.
Don’t yield to fear.

Remember we are all going to pass on, some day.
We all have a future appointment with ‘The Angel of Death’
. (link below)
Right now though you just want to ‘shove’ the near date, to a much further date, into the future.

From what I’ve read, many have done it and if any others can do it, why not you!
If you rely on coffee for your daily caffeine boost, you’re getting a whole lot more than a quick burst of energy.

You’re getting more health benefits than I could ever list in a single article… and that list is growing nearly every day.

Two new studies show how a daily cup or three can help protect you from deadly brain tumors and keep your blood vessels young.

In the first study, researchers found that people who drink at least 3.5 ounces of coffee–or what I call “that first sip”–can lower their risk of gliomas, the most common form of malignant brain tumor.

Researchers used data on 521,488 European men and women between 25 and 70 years old collected over an average of 8.5 years.

Most of that data was collected via questionnaires, so take this with a grain of salt (or at least a dollop of cream)– but the researchers say that coffee drinkers were one-third less likely to be diagnosed with a glioma than those who drank little to no coffee.

Of course, your risk of developing one of these tumors at any point in your lifetime is already pretty low–less than 1 percent–but when you consider that it’s a very fatal condition, any chance to lower your risk is a good one.

Tea drinkers, don’t feel left out–the study found that your hot beverage of choice can also reduce the risk of a brain tumor.

But let’s stay focused on coffee today.
As I’ve told you before, coffee can help protect against diabetes, lower your risk of prostate and colon cancers, fight off Parkinson’s and even protect your heart.
Another new study may help explain that last one… and it starts with a tiny cup of unfiltered thick mud that you probably know of as Turkish coffee.
I won’t get into the politics of it, but some people call it Greek coffee–and while it’s essentially the same thing, they’ll get pretty ticked off if you call it by that other name.

In any case, researchers looking into the remarkable longevity of people on the Greek island of Ikaria, where more than a third of the residents reach the age of 90, found that Greek coffee may actually help keep blood vessels young.

You know what aging can do to people on the outside… and the passage of years can be equally unkind on the insides. For most of us, our blood vessels stiffen as we get older, increasing our blood pressure and the risk of hypertension and heart problems along with it.

In the new study, researchers performed imaging scans on 485 seniors in Ikaria between the ages of 65 and 100 years old, and found that those who drank between one and two cups of Turkish, err, Greek coffee a day had blood vessels that were 25 percent more elastic than those who drank too little or too much of the mud.

These two-cuppers also had a lower risk of diabetes, cholesterol problems and heart disease, and were less likely to be overweight compared to everyone else, according to the study presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress.

Coffee, anyone?

On a mission for your health,

Ed Martin
Editor, House Calls

P.S. For more on the great benefits of coffee, visit my Web site and enter
“coffee” into the search box. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

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# 59 Open Letter to All Huna Practitioners

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The Psychics Blog
# 59 Open Letter to All Huna Practitioners

What say ye, Huna Practitioners, regards this post!

Mr. Vince Wingo you had posted my name and address on your blog rather then
resolve this little issue privately, and you did so without any notice or
communication with me. So be it.
‘What goes around comes around’ as the saying goes.
You want ‘public’ you got it.

(In that this so called Huna master refused to answer any emails sent him, and had banned me from posting on his website, and listed my name on his website, I must admit that, that did rile me. So I blogged my response and sent him a copy, as he requests others to do in order for him to track my actions)

(This same self-appointed, Huna master, that own’s the HRI refuses to respond to emails sent asking ‘why a simple business transaction riled him so!)

(And this so called Huna master, that I had bought the DVD set from,
lists names and addresses of any that dare to ask redress for a poorly produced
set of Huna DVD’s he sells, and to post
‘CrimeStoppersPosted by Rev. James Vincent Wingo, DD on July 21, 2010 at
4:02pm in Q&A
View Discussions
Please report any illegal activity, including bootlegging and Internet fraud.
If you have any additional information on the following, please let us know.)

(This same so called Huna master ‘talks the talk’, yet is unable to ‘walk the walk’ )
“Pick-A-Fight” or Hooponopono
The Internet is relatively anonymous and, because the regular “social cues” like
voice tone and gestures are absent, Internet communications often lead to
misunderstandings. Nasty comments, even death threats, have become a regular
problem on virtually any website that encourages open discussion. To keep
harmony, any member may call a Ho’oponopono. The honorable practice of
Ho’oponopono corrects, restores, and maintains good relationships among family
members, people, the land, and with the gods or God by getting to the causes
and sources of trouble. Ho’oponopono was originally the Ancient practice of
extended family members (ohana) meeting to “make right” the family relations.

(Read the full hard to get a refund story here)

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# 26 Talker on Time to Reform Congress

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The Peaceful Warrior Blog
# 26 Talker on Time to Reform Congress

I know many of you will say “this is impossible.”
Now is the time for Americans to join together to reform Congress –
the entity that represents us.

We need to get a Senator to introduce this bill in the US Senate and a
Representative to introduce a similar bill in the US House. These
people will become American heroes

Congressional Reform Act of 2010

1. Term Limits.

12 years only, one of the possible options below..

A. Two Six-year Senate terms
B. Six Two-year House terms
C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

2. No Tenure / No Pension.

A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when
they are out of office.

3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social
Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social
Security system, and Congress participates with the American people

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
Americans do.

5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional
pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in
the same health care system as the American people

7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American

8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective

The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen.
Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and
back to work.