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Talkers Poems

I Am Earth

I am earth, I am you,
from me you were formed,
we are now, us,
to me thou shalt return, that which is mine,
thy love is the day, thy smiles the sunrise and sunset,
thy thoughts are my winds,
thy actions are my eruptions,
thy secret tears are my floods,
thy fears are my earthquakes,
thy disregard combined are my tsunami’s
you have violated the us, I am now also violated,
my healing causes in you, fear,
the us must heal,
thy mind violated, us,
thy mind can heal, us,
I, the earth, will survive,
change thy ways,
the us will survive.

Dark Night of the Soul

So all the problems you don’t want are hitting you from all angles.
You hurt ! Your frustrated ! Your beliefs are ruffled!
Your at the end of the road, and see only a blank wall!
What next?
Thought you were on the ‘Right Path’.
Thought you was doing all the right things!
You think you know who and what you are, to the best of your awareness.
Studied, meditated, learnt to love, learnt compassion.
Still at loggerheads with confusion, why!
Seems that chaos and confusion are close relatives.
I’m at the bottom of the barrel and see only darkness.
Hold on now.
This is a time of change.
Relax, recall who and what you are.
Ah yes, I am perfection behind the doubt, chaos and confusion manifesting.
I am not doubt, chaos and confusion.
I am Perfection.
I am God experiencing with this personal awareness.
Change is in progress.
Light is becoming coherent.
Cohesion with the Source is now recognized.
I embrace it lovingly.
The Dark Night of the Soul has passed.
The Way You Say, I Love You
cold, is the bare flesh,
you lovingly caress,
thy touch ever so warm,
delicious, this manner,
the way you say, I love you,
the warmth of you,
enfolds and caresses,
as I sigh and bless,
this moment, that you share with me,
Ah that it would never end,
yet we know,
that cannot be,
lest you make, toast of me.
O Solo mio, bright orb of day,
I love thy sunshine, passing my way,
Delightful moment, of yet another, day,
Stay for just awhile, linger, but not too long,
just enough, to sing, the pale skin, pass, song,
while I lie, lief, on the grass,
knowing, full well,
this too shall pass

Still To Be
The muted, with the vivid, there to see,
reminds me, of life experiences,
that were,
are still to be,
the subtle,the bright, the dark,
and yet,
the wonder,
What is still waiting for me
Thy Name Is Love
The sight of you fills my being with joys beyond belief,
shapely, devine, inhaling thy fragance soothes deep, I’m stunned to
stillness, thoughts of which, pleasently stir my sleep,
will love you forever, the memory keep,
we are one, for now,
I turn, and there I see, another beauty that holds my gaze,
how can this be, how tread I, throught this maze,
to the bee it is amoral, with this there is no quarrel,
am I thusly, being flighty, facing such beauty,
am I so bound by duty, to not love another beauty,
thy fragrance, thy shape, thy softness,
I shudder with delight,
here I be with love for another,
to each with love unconditionally,
am I wrong to hear this song, this inhaling of loves devine,
do I ignore this love,
this feeling of mine, of touching the devine,
I know with no doubt, with a new day, another beauty,
will catch my feeling, my senses reeling, at the sight,
resist as I might, fight as I may, my senses aroused again this day,
to you my love, what can I say, I would, I will, I do,
enjoy you all,
that beauty hard to describe, for at this moment,
thy name is love,
and as such, is called, the rose, the tulip, the maple, the sunrise, the sunset,
the red clover, the yellow dandelion,
breathtakingly, from deep within you, reflects the love devine,
no words spoken, nothing broken,
you are in my heart and mind, unconditionally,
for you will alway be, to me,
a beautful sense
of mystery.
Works For Me
Keep in mind what works for me,
may not be for you,
told to watch, and mind,
the phosphorus, the potassium and the proteins too,
Ah me what to do, what I’m to avoid, as told by you,
am now,
being told, within reason,
to do.
The Angels Sing
I am love, You are love, we are love.
When I embrace you, we are one,
There is no ‘I’ or ‘you’ in that moment of embrace,
There is only ‘oneness of the two’ for this beautiful moment.
This embrace while physical, cause the angels to sing,
For this is spiritual harmony that but reflects,
When all humanity embrace, becoming again,
the one, within the One.
Be Well
Just The Season
Lets not push, lets not pull,
Astral plane, or physical earth
Lets just share our love.
I’m not tall, I’m not short,
Not even good on sports.
Who cares, You know why,
I don’t cry, I don’t sigh,
Here baby is the reason why,
I got it all.
No rhyme or reason, just the season,
To be the whooo, that I am, thaaat’s the reason,
not the season, OOh myyyyy,
I got it all.
I’m here for a reason, is it the season,
I don’t know, really don’t care,
eyes that sparkle, lips that smile,
beats the grinch, by an inch,
so I smile,
feet that dance, body thats rhythm,
rife with joy, you know why,
No rhyme or reason, just the season,
To be the whooo, that I ammmmm, thaaat’s the reason,
not the season, OOh myyyyy,
I got it all.
Well Universe,
I got it all.

Ok, Ok, so I’m not a poet,
but my feet show it,
their longfellows.
Be Well
Maybe not your truth, any time one leaves this physical world,
(how ever brief) they are accompanied by :

Oh, That Angel
Weep mine eyes, a river flow,
for those, who stay, to pass, on another day.
Your loss is painful,
and yet I say, fear not, your day, will also arrive,
but not today.
Many, fear my arrival,
and yet I say, I, The Angel of Death,
am sent to get, those ready spirits, to accompany me,
their willing servant, their personal guide,
to hold your hand, and remove your fear,
for you, will never again,
need to shed a tear.
Your hand, I hold, as we enter the Light,
my spirit delights, as you, behold the sight, of,
the Father of all,
arms open,
to welcome you Home.

When one is not yet ready to cross over, (for what ever reason), The Angel of Death, will prevent some from proceeding any further.
Some will be passed ‘in’ for a glimse of the splendor and ‘asked to return’ , while some are simply allowed to stay.

The Song of Love
Loving and loved, intertwined,
deeply felt, within the mind,
no right, no wrong,
the wordless song,
that soundless music,
wordless words,
the glance, the dance,
it vibrates ones being,
all take flight,
soul felt,
belong, belonging,
this moment,
and back

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# 64 Talker on more Herbal mix Tonic

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Made a seven pound, modified batch of Whole Body Tonic type herbs. Here I included Kelp and Bladderwrack for their highly beneficial properties. As mentioned in another post, I can fine tune a mix by adding, taking away, increasing or reducing a quantity of any used herb to achieve a desired end product.
Have, for this herbal mix batch, sent out to family, a sample for them to use and try.

Whole Body Tonic type herbs (Batch of: 12/15/2014)
Alfalfa Herb (Medicago sativa L.)10P
Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica L.)5P
Bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus)5P
Chamomile, German (Matricaria Chamomilla)10P
Collinsonia (collinsonia canadensis)-Stone root-10P
Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale L.)5P
Fo-Ti (polygonum multiflorum)5P
Gentian Root (Gentiana lutea L.)5P
Gotu Kola (centella asiatica)5P
Hops Flower (Humulus lupulus L.)10P
Horehound Herb (Marrubium vulgare L.)5P
Horsetail Herb (Equisetum arvense L.)10P
Kelp (ascophyllum nodosum)10P
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.)5P
Passion Flower Herb (Passiflora incarnata L.)5P
Peppermint Herb (Mentha piperita L.)10P
Sarsaparilla Root (Sarsaparillae radix L.)10P
Saw Palmetto Berry (Serenoa serrulata L.)10P
Siberian genseng(eleutherucoccus senticosus)10P
Stillingia (stillingia sylvatica)5P
Thyme Leaf (Thymus vulgaris L.)5P

Use as is, or in capsules of any size,
Or, use as a base, with any other added herbs.
Also see some of the original posts on this modality:

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Talker on More About Coconut Oil

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The Healers Blog


By Ray Peat

This is a slightly modified version of Ray Peat’s article which can be found at
He does some fine paintings too!

I have already discussed the many toxic effects of the unsaturated oils, and I have frequently mentioned that coconut oil doesn’t have those toxic effects,
though it does contain a small amount of the unsaturated oils.

Many people have asked me to write something on coconut oil. I thought I might write a small book on it, but I realize that there are no suitable channels for distributing such a book — if the seed-oil industry can eliminate major corporate food products that have used coconut oil for a hundred years, they certainly
have the power to prevent dealers from selling a book that would affect their market more seriously.

For the present, I will just outline some of the virtues of coconut oil.

The unsaturated oils in some cooked foods become rancid in just a few hours, even at refrigerator temperatures, and are responsible for the stale taste
of leftover foods. (Eating slightly stale food isn’t particularly harmful, since the same oils, even when eaten absolutely fresh, will oxidize at a much
higher rate once they are in the body, where they are heated and thoroughly mixed with an abundance of oxygen.)

Coconut oil that has been kept at room temperature for a year has been tested for rancidity, and showed no evidence of it. Since we would expect the small
percentage of unsaturated oils naturally contained in coconut oil to become rancid, it seems that the other (saturated) oils have an antioxidative effect:
I suspect that the dilution keeps the unstable unsaturated fat molecules spatially separated from each other, so they can’t interact in the destructive chain
reactions that occur in other oils.

To interrupt chain-reactions of oxidation is one of the functions of antioxidants, and it is possible that a sufficient quantity of coconut oil in the body has this
function. It is well established that dietary coconut oil reduces our need for vitamin E, but I think its antioxidant role is more general than that, and that it has both direct and indirect antioxidant activities.

Coconut oil is unusually rich in short and medium chain fatty acids.
Shorter chain length allows fatty acids to be metabolized without use of the carnitine transport system. Mildronate protects cells against
stress partly by opposing the action of carnitine, and comparative studies showed that added carnitine had the opposite effect, promoting the
oxidation of unsaturated fats during stress, and increasing oxidative damage to cells.

I suspect that a degree of saturation of the oxidative apparatus by short-chain fatty acids has a similar effect — that is, that these very soluble and mobile short-chain saturated fats have priority for oxidation, because they don’t require carnitine transport into the mitochondrion, and that this will tend to inhibit oxidation of the unstable, peroxidizable unsaturated fatty acids.

When Albert Schweitzer operated his clinic in tropical Africa, he said it was many years before he saw any cases of cancer, and he believed that the appearance of cancer was caused by the change to the European type of diet. In the l920s, German researchers showed that mice on a fat-free diet were practically free of cancer.
Since then, many studies have demonstrated a very close association between consumption of unsaturated oils and the incidence of cancer.

Heart damage is easily produced in animals by feeding them linoleic acid; this “essential” fatty acid turned out to be the heart toxin in rape-seed oil. (talker says is now called’canola’ oil) The addition of saturated fat to the experimental heart-toxic oil-rich diet protects against the damage to heart cells.
Immunosuppression was observed in patients who were being “nourished” by intravenous emulsions of “essential fatty acids,” and as a result coconut oil is used as the basis for intravenous fat feeding, except in organ-transplant patients.
For those patients, emulsions of unsaturated oils are used specifically for their immunosuppressive effects.

General aging, and especially aging of the brain, is increasingly seen as being closely associated with lipid peroxidation. Several years ago I met an old couple, who were only a few years apart in age, but the wife looked many years younger than her doddering old husband. She was from the Philippines, and she remarked that she always had to cook two meals at the same time, because her husband couldn’t adapt to her traditional food. Three times every day, she still prepared her
food in coconut oil. Her apparent youth increased my interest in the effects of coconut oil.

In the l960s, Hartroft and Porta gave an elegant argument for decreasing the ratio of unsaturated oil to saturated oil in the diet (and thus in the tissues). They showed that the “age pigment” is produced in proportion to the ratio of oxidants to antioxidants, multiplied by the ratio of unsaturated oils to saturated oils.
More recently, a variety of studies have demonstrated that ultraviolet light induces peroxidation in unsaturated fats, but not saturated fats, and that this occurs in the skin as well as in the lab. Rabbit experiments, and studies of humans, showed that the amount of unsaturated oil in the diet strongly affects the
rate at which aged, wrinkled skin develops. The unsaturated fat in the skin is a major target for the aging and carcinogenic effects of ultraviolet light, though
not necessarily the only one. In the l940s, farmers attempted to use cheap coconut oil for fattening their animals, but they found that it made them lean, active and hungry. For a few years, an antithyroid drug was found to make the livestock get fat while eating less food, but then it was found to be a strong carcinogen, and it also probably produced hypothyroidism in the people who ate the meat.

By the late l940s, it was found that the same antithyroid effect, causing animals to get fat without eating much food, could be achieved by using soy beans and corn as feed. Later, an animal experiment fed diets that were low or high in total fat, and in different groups the fat was provided by pure coconut oil, or a pure unsaturated oil, or by various mixtures of the two oils. At the end of their lives, the animals’ obesity increased directly in proportion to the ratio of unsaturated oil to coconut oil in their diet, and was not related to the total amount of fat they had consumed. That is, animals which ate just a little pure unsaturated oil were fat, and animals which ate a lot of coconut oil were lean.

G. W. Crile and his wife found that the metabolic rate of people in Yucatan, where coconut is a staple food, averaged 25% higher than that of people in the United States. In a hot climate, the adaptive tendency is to have a lower metabolic rate, so it is clear that some factor is more than offsetting this expected effect of high environmental temperatures. The people there are lean, and recently it has been observed that the women there have none of the symptoms we commonly associate with the menopause.

By l950, then, it was established that unsaturated fats suppress the metabolic rate, apparently creating hypothyroidism. Over the next few decades, the exact mechanisms of that metabolic damage were studied. Unsaturated fats damage the mitochondria, partly by suppressing the reparatory enzyme, and partly by causing generalized oxidative damage. The more unsaturated the oils are, the more specifically they suppress tissue response to thyroid hormone, and transport of the
hormone on the thyroid transport protein.

Plants evolved a variety of toxins designed to protect themselves from “predators,” such as grazing animals. Seeds contain a variety of toxins, that seem to be specific for mammalian enzymes, and the seed oils themselves function to block protein digestive enzymes in the stomach. The thyroid hormone is formed in the gland by the action of a protein digestive enzyme, and the unsaturated oils also inhibit that enzyme. Similar protein digestive enzymes involved in clot removal and immune function appear to be similarly inhibited by these oils.

Just as metabolism is “activated” by consumption of coconut oil, which prevents the inhibiting effect of unsaturated oils, other inhibited processes, such as clot removal and immune function, will probably tend to be restored by continuing use of coconut oil.

Brain tissue is very rich in complex forms of fats.
The experiment (around 1978) in which pregnant mice were given diets containing either coconut oil or unsaturated oil showed that brain development was superior in the young mice whose mothers ate coconut oil. Because coconut oil supports thyroid function, and thyroid governs brain development, including myelination, the result
might simply reflect the difference between normal and hypothyroid individuals.
However, in 1980, experimenters demonstrated that young rats fed milk containing soy oil incorporated the oil directly into their brain cells, and had structurally abnormal brain cells as a result. Lipid oxidation occurs during seizures, and antioxidants such as vitamin E have some anti-seizure activity. Currently,
lipid oxidation is being found to be involved in the nerve cell degeneration of Alzheimer’s disease.
Various fractions of coconut oil are coming into use as “drugs,” meaning that they are advertised as treatments for diseases. Butyric acid is used to treat cancer, lauric and myristic acids to treat virus infections, and mixtures of medium-chain fats are sold for weight loss.

Purification undoubtedly increases certain effects, and results in profitable products, but in the absence of more precise knowledge, I think the whole natural product, used as a regular food, is the best way to protect health.
The shorter-chain fatty acids have strong, unpleasant odors; for a couple of days after I ate a small amount of a medium-chain triglyceride mixture, my skin oil emitted a rank, goaty smell. Some people don’t seem to have that reaction, and the benefits might outweigh the stink, but these things just haven’t been in use long enough to know whether they are safe.

Treating any complex natural product as the drug industry does, as a raw material to be fractionated in the search for “drug” products, is risky, because the relevant knowledge isn’t sought in the search for an association between a single chemical and a single disease.
While the toxic unsaturated paint-stock oils, especially safflower, soy, corn and linseed (flaxseed) oils, have been sold to the public precisely for their drug effects, all of their claimed benefits were false.
When people become interested in coconut oil as a “health food,” the huge seed-oil industry — operating through their shills — are going to attack it as an “unproved drug.”

While components of coconut oil have been found to have remarkable physiological effects (as antihistamines, antiinfectives/antiseptics, promoters of immunity, glucocorticoid antagonist, nontoxic anticancer agents, for example).
The cholesterol-lowering fiasco for a long time centered on the ability of unsaturated oils to slightly lower serum cholesterol. For years, the mechanism of that action wasn’t known, which should have suggested caution. Now, it seems that the effect is just one more toxic action, in which the liver defensively retains its cholesterol, rather than releasing it into the blood.

Large scale human studies have provided overwhelming evidence that whenever drugs, including the unsaturated oils, were used to lower serum cholesterol, mortality increased, from a variety of causes including accidents, but mainly from cancer.
Since the l930s, it has been clearly established that suppression of the hyroid raises serum cholesterol (while increasing mortality from infections, cancer, and heart disease), while restoring the thyroid hormone brings cholesterol down to normal.

In this situation, however, thyroid isn’t suppressing the synthesis of cholesterol, but rather is promoting its use to form hormones and bile salts. When the thyroid is functioning properly, the amount of cholesterol in the blood entering the ovary governs the amount of progesterone being produced by the ovary, and the same situation exists in all steroid-forming tissues, such as the adrenal glands and the brain.

Progesterone and its precursor, pregnenolone, have a generalized protective function: antioxidant, anti-seizure,
antitoxin, anti-spasm, anti-clot, anticancer, pro-memory, pro-myelination, pro-attention, etc. Any interference with the
formation of cholesterol will interfere with all of these exceedingly important protective functions.
As far as the evidence goes, it suggests that coconut oil, added regularly to a balanced diet, lowers cholesterol to
normal by promoting its conversion into pregnenolone.

Coconut-eating cultures in the tropics have consistently lower cholesterol than people in the U.S. Everyone that I know
who uses coconut oil regularly happens to have cholesterol levels of about 160, while eating mainly cholesterol rich
foods (eggs, milk, cheese, meat, shellfish). I encourage people to eat sweet fruits, rather than starches, if they want
to increase their production of cholesterol, since fructose has that effect.

Many people see coconut oil in its hard, white state, and — as a result of their training watching television or going
to medical school — associate it with the cholesterol-rich plaques in blood vessels. Those lesions in blood vessels are
caused mostly by lipid oxidation of unsaturated fats, and relate to stress, because adrenaline liberates fats from
storage, and the lining of blood vessels is exposed to high concentrations of the blood-borne material.

In the body, incidentally, the oil can’t exist as a solid, since it liquefies at 76 degrees. (Incidentally, the
viscosity of complex materials isn’t a simple matter of averaging the viscosity of its component materials; cholesterol
and saturated fats sometimes lower the viscosity of cell components.)
Most of the images and metaphors relating to coconut oil and cholesterol that circulate in our culture are false and
misleading. I offer a counter-image, which is metaphorical, but it is true in that it relates to lipid oxidation, which
is profoundly important in our bodies. After a bottle of safflower oil has been opened a few times, a few drops that get
smeared onto the outside of the bottle begin to get very sticky, and hard to wash off.

This property is why it is a valued base for paints and varnishes, but this varnish is chemically closely related to the
age pigment that forms “liver spots” on the skin, and similar lesions in the brain, heart, blood vessels, lenses of the
eyes, etc. The image of “hard, white saturated coconut oil” isn’t relevant to the oil’s biological action, but the image
of “sticky varnish-like easily oxidized unsaturated seed oils” is highly relevant to their toxicity.

The ability of some of the medium chain saturated fatty acids in coconut oil to inhibit the liver’s formation of fat
very likely synergizes with the pro-thyroid effect, in allowing energy to be used, rather than stored.
When fat isn’t formed from carbohydrate, the sugar is available for use, or for storage as glycogen. Therefore, shifting
from unsaturated fats in foods to coconut oil involves several anti-stress processes, reducing our need for the adrenal
hormones. Decreased blood sugar is a basic signal for the release of adrenal hormones.
Unsaturated oil tends to lower the blood sugar in at least three basic ways.

It damages mitochondria, causing respiration to be uncoupled from energy production, meaning that fuel is burned without
useful effect. It suppresses the activity of the respiratory enzyme (directly, and through its anti-thyroid actions),
decreasing the respiratory production of energy.
And it tends to direct carbohydrate into fat production, making both stress and obesity more probable. For those of us
who use coconut oil consistently, one of the most noticeable changes is the ability to go for several hours without
eating, and to feel hungry without having symptoms of hypoglycemia.

One of the stylish ways to promote the use of unsaturated oils is to refer to their presence in “cell membranes,” and to
claim that they are essential for maintaining “membrane fluidity.” As I have mentioned above, it is the ability of the
unsaturated fats, and their breakdown products, to interfere with enzymes and transport proteins, which accounts for
many of their toxic effects, so they definitely don’t just harmlessly form “membranes.”
They probably bind to all proteins, and disrupt some of them, but for some reason their affinity for proteolytic and
respiration-related enzymes is particularly obvious. (I think the chemistry of this association is going to give us some
important insights into the nature of organisms).

Unsaturated fats are slightly more water-soluble than fully saturated fats, and so they do have a greater tendency to
concentrate at interfaces between water and fats or proteins, but there are relatively few places where these interfaces
can be usefully and harmlessly occupied by unsaturated fats, and at a certain point, an excess becomes harmful.
We don’t want “membranes” forming where there shouldn’t be membranes. The fluidity or viscosity of cell surfaces is an
extremely complex subject, and the degree of viscosity has to be appropriate for the function of the cell.
Interestingly, in some cells, such as the cells that line the air sacs of the lungs, cholesterol and one of the
saturated fatty acids found in coconut oil can increase the fluidity of the cell surface.
In red blood cells, which have sometimes been wrongly described as “hemoglobin enclosed in a cell membrane,” it has been
known for a long time that lipid oxidation of unsaturated fats weakens the cellular structure, causing the cells to be
destroyed prematurely.

Lipid oxidation products lower the rigidity of regions of cells considered to be membranes. But the red blood cell is
actually more like a sponge in structure, consisting of a “skeleton” of proteins, which (if not damaged by oxidation)
can hold its shape, even when the hemoglobin has been removed. Oxidants damage the protein structure, and it is this
structural damage which in turn increases the “fluidity” of the associated fats.

So, it is probably true that in many cases the liquid unsaturated oils do increase “membrane fluidity,” but it is now
clear that in at least some of those cases the “fluidity” corresponds to the chaos of a damaged cell protein structure.
(N. V. Gorbunov, “Effect of structural modification of membrane proteins on lipid-protein interactions in the human
erythrocyte membrane,” Bull. Exp. Biol. & Med. 116(11), 1364-67. 1993.

Although I had stopped using the unsaturated seed oils years ago, and supposed that I wasn’t heavily saturated with
toxic unsaturated fat, when I first used coconut oil I saw an immediate response, that convinced me my metabolism was
chronically inhibited by something that was easily alleviated by “dilution” or molecular competition.
I had put a tablespoonful of coconut oil on some rice I had for supper, and half an hour later while I was reading, I
noticed I was breathing more deeply than normal. I saw that my skin was pink, and I found that my pulse was faster than
normal — about 98, I think. After an hour or two, my pulse and breathing returned to normal.

Every day for a couple of weeks I noticed the same response while I was digesting a small amount of coconut oil, but
gradually it didn’t happen any more, and I increased my daily consumption of the oil to about an ounce. I kept eating
the same foods as before, except that I added about 200 or 250 calories per day as coconut oil.

Apparently the metabolic surges that happened at first were an indication that my body was compensating for an anti-
thyroid substance by producing more thyroid hormone; when the coconut oil relieved the inhibition, I experienced a
moment of slight hyperthyroidism, but after a time the inhibitor became less effective, and my body adjusted by
producing slightly less thyroid hormone.

But over the next few months, I saw that my weight was slowly and consistently decreasing. It had been steady at 185
pounds for 25 years, but over a period of six months it dropped to about 175 pounds. I found that eating more coconut
oil lowered my weight another few pounds, and eating less caused it to increase.

The anti-obesity effect of coconut oil is clear in all of the animal studies, and in my friends who eat it regularly.
It is now hard to get it in health food stores, since Hain stopped selling it. The Spectrum product looks and feels a
little different to me, and I suppose the particular type of tree, region, and method of preparation can account for
variations in the consistency and composition of the product.

The unmodified natural oil is called “76 degree melt,” since that is its natural melting temperature. One bottle from a
health food store was labeled “natural coconut oil, 92% unsaturated oil,” and it had the greasy consistency of old lard.
I suspect that someone had confused palm oil (or something worse) with coconut oil, because it should be about 96%
saturated fatty acids.

Raymond Peat, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 5764
Eugene, OR 97405


Coconut Oil: The Healthiest Oil on Earth
By Brian Shilhavy

“Coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth,” says Dr. Bruce Fife, a naturopathic doctor and the author of the book The
Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil. Modern research seems to back up this bold statement. Once wrongly accused of
increasing cholesterol levels, coconut oil is now actually being used by doctors in the treatment of a variety of
disorders. Clinical studies have shown that coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, and is now even
being used in treating AIDS patients. Studies conducted in the Philippines last year showed that coconut oil does indeed
reduce the viral load in AIDS patients.

Lauric Acid: A Key Component to Health

Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid which is abundant in coconut oil and is considered responsible for many of its
health benefits. Coconut oil is about 50 percent lauric acid. The only other abundant source found in nature is in human
breast milk.

Dr. Jon J. Kabara, PhD. and Professor Emeritus of Michigan State University, says, “Never before in the history of man is it so important to emphasize the value of lauric oils. The medium-chain fats in coconut oil are similar to fats in mother’s milk and have similar nutriceutical effects.”
Dr. Mary Enig, a nutritionist/biochemist and one of the world’s leading authorities on fats and oils, goes on to say, Approximately 50 percent of the fatty acids in coconut fat are lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid, which has the additional beneficial function of being formed into monolaurin in the human or animal body. Monolaurin is the antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal monoglyceride used by the human or animal to destroy lipid coated viruses such as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza, various pathogenic bacteria including listeria monocytogenes and heliobacter pylori, and protozoa such as giardia lamblia. Some studies have also shown some antimicrobial effects of
the free lauric acid.”

The Politics of Tropical Oils

So why has coconut oil gotten such a bad rap in the recent past? After all, much of the research supporting coconut oil as a healthy fat has been around for some time. The answer is politics and economics. Coconut oil was heavily used in the U.S. at one time, being used for baking, pastries, frying, and theater popcorn. But starting in the 1980s, some very powerful groups in the U.S. including the American Soybean Association (ASA), the Corn Products Company (CPC
International), and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) began to categorically condemn all saturated oils. Faulty science was used to convince the public that ALL saturated fats were unhealthy, when in fact saturated fats rich in the medium-chain fatty acids like lauric acid are very healthy.

These organizations were are aided by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many of whose key personnel are recruited from and return to the vegetable oil industry. The result was that most people switched to vegetable oils, and the main source of lauric acid from tropical oils in the American diet was lost. The countries that these tropical oils came from, mainly the Philippines and Malaysia, were too poor to counter these untrue claims with advertising
investments for the truth. It is only recently that the health benefits of these tropical oils are starting to become rediscovered.

Population Studies

While some clinical studies have been conducted recently, such as the study on AIDS patients in the Philippines (1999 –
2000), much of the studies have been done on tropical populations where coconut products are a main part of the diet.

One such study was done in the South Pacific islands of Pukapuka and Tokelau near New Zealand. The studies were started
in the 1960s before either island was exposed to Western refined food. These populations ate only natural foods, and
coconut foods were the most prevalent, being consumed at each meal in one form or another. While most people in western
countries get 30-40 percent of their calories from fats, the people in these islands averaged between 50 and 60 percent
of their calories from fat, most of that being saturated fat from coconuts.

So what kind of health did these studies find among the populations in these two islands? Bruce Fife reports in his
book: “The overall health of both groups was extremely good compared to Western standards. There were no signs of kidney
disease or hypothyroidism that might influence fat levels. There was no hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol).
All inhabitants were lean and healthy despite a very high saturated-fat diet. In fact, the populations as a whole had
deal weight-to-height ratios as compared to the Body Mass Index figures used by nutritionists. Digestive problems are
rare. Constipation is uncommon. They average two or more bowel movements a day. Atherosclerosis, heart disease, colitis,
colon cancer, haemorrhoids ulcers, diverticulosis, and appendicitis are conditions with which they are generally

A fat that causes weight loss?

Another incredible fact about coconut oil is that even though it is a fat, it actually promotes weight loss! The reason
is again because of the healthy medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids do not circulate in the bloodstream like
other fats, but are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy, just like
carbohydrates. So the body uses the fat in coconut oil to produce energy, rather than be stored as body fat. Medium-
chain fatty acids found in coconut oil also speed up the body’s metabolism burning more calories and promoting weight
loss. The weight loss effects of coconut oil have clearly been demonstrated by many researchers. (A list of references
can be found in Bruce Fife’s book The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil.)

Therapeutic Dosage

So how much coconut oil should one consume? A good therapeutic dosage is 3 to 4 tablespoons a day. This provides enough
lauric acid to build the immune system. Also, look for unrefined coconut oil. Stay away from all hydrogenated oils,
whether it is coconut oil or vegetable oils. Hydrogenated oils are oils with trans-fatty acids, which have been altered
from their original chemical composition and have been shown to raise serum cholesterol levels that can lead to heart

Also look for unrefined coconut oils like Virgin Coconut Oil. Most commercial coconut oils are RBD (refined, bleached,
and deodorized). While these RBD oils do maintain the beneficial chemical structures of the medium chain fatty acids,
they also contain chemicals used in processing.

Brian Shilhavy is a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC).

Read: Part One of the Benefits of Coconut Oil

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# 30 Talker on Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Well now, Win 8.1 as an operating system is a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type of system.
There is no smoothness in learning of it, nor any sense in how layed out, or how it functions for a serious computer user. At least is the way I’m experiencing it.

Microsoft Windows 8.1, as designed, is not the way I use a computer.

Microsoft needs to do as GM did, with those responsible for the faulty ignition ‘switch’installed in many automobile models. FIRE THEM.

Fire anyone involved in designing and approving Microsoft Windows 8.1.
Oh, I understand the ‘why’ of what is / was intended by those designing it.
But they should have approached it all before sniffing glue, and using LSD.
Do I dislike Win 8.1, sheesh words cannot describe my disgust with it.
Am I miffed, yes.
Am I pissed, yes.
Did I cuss, yes.
Did I read ‘Windows 8.1 for Dummies’, yes.
Have I spent time with it to learn this crazy program, yes.
Were I to put into words, all the words used after the install, would need to X rate this post.
Would I recommend this Microsoft Windows 8.1 to anyone, NO.

Oh there will be a few that will love it, no wont say it!

Have Wabi-Sabi’ed Win 8.1, and may eventually return to normal insanity!
As I continue with Win 8.1, more and more reasons keep showing up on why I dislike it.
right click for properties reverts to desktop

Win 8.1

Doing a mouse right click to get Properties of a particular folder, causes a revert to the desktop.

This 8.1 action is NOT what I’m used to seeing happen.

Looking to obtain the folder size total, of all the files within that folder.

When I right click, to get properties on those same left panes, it closes the view of documents and reverts to the desktop.
This happens with all folders when doing a right click in the left panes, to obtain ‘Properties..

Most annoying when wanting to ‘Rename’ a folder.

I can right click in any of the right panes, I do get a normal properties setting showing.

These folders are put in place when doing the initial install.
I don’t feel that one should have to, or need to play around, with folders, to get what I used to as with Win XP / Win 98, etc.

The ongoing annoyances of Win 8.1, for me, as a desktop user, is a huge negative.
Yes, I am a dinosaur, going back to DOS days when many of you Win 8.1 lovers weren’t even born.

Many were the incremental upgrades , many were the momentary yelps of ‘Sheesh, another MS screw up’.
Most were readily corrected, yet all those prior events pale in face of Win 8.1.

Win 8.1 may be ahead of the times, technology wise, but user wise it is another story.

Is to much, to fast.

Ah yes, there was born, an entrepreneurial soul, in (China, Iowa, Kansas, California, Canada) much like the lad that started with DOS, those many decades ago, that led to things like DOS 6.x,, Win 98. Win XP, etc..

This soul, see’s the magnitude, of the Microsoft Win 8.1 dislike, through comments such as this, and is ready to pounce.

That soul recognizes that there are serious desktop users, serious businesses users, and hand held device users. That each has it’s place and function.

Wonder if the 18,000 positions Microsoft just wiped out was a result of Win 8.1.

Yes, there will be patent suits, but to no avail. Win 8.1 will have proven to the world, that you just don’t ignore your loyal users, or shaft them with things like Win 8.1.

The new OS will merge the good points from DOS, Win 98, and Win XP. into a highly usable platform, and will be nearly immune to any cyber attacks.

Sorry to see you go Microsoft, maybe you can buy stock in the new OS system that will take over, after the void left by your admittedly, venturesome, Win 8.1 fiasco.
Ok, so Microsoft is expanding into mobile phones.

Is their business to do so, but why do they take for granted that I, as a desktop user will enjoy a hand held device OS system, like Win 8.1, that just don’t fit in for my needs .

Regardless, am looking at alternatives systems rather then continue with this detested version of windows..
Had I been aware on 5/10/2014, of these highly unlikable , detestable aspects of Win 8.1 would never ever spent good money on it.

So have wasted almost three months of my time , on what was an OS system that did not live up to what loyal customers had come to expect.

If there is a class action against Microsoft in any manner for putting out a botched up OS system, would like to be one of the first to sign on.

How anyone, especially a business, can use the win 8.1 for anything except a play thing on a hand held device is an excellent lesson in frustration and aggravation..

Appears it will be back to Win XP for me, and the fall out and eventual lockup of the internet due to the many hacked XP’s will be a direct reflection upon Microsoft for the botching up of Vista and Win 8.1, as badly as was done.
With the desire to keep on top of OS advances and demise of Win XP,, did do the Win 8.1 thing.
Win XP had it’s problems, and solved mostly readily.
Win 8.1 is another matter.
I usually have a smooth learning curve for most computer situations.
How disgusting it is for a desktop user.
For hand held devices, yes, it might be a usable OS platform.
Well, lets just say, It’s not for me.
Aside from the expected , like in Win XP, there is no harmony to the learning curve, and strange and awkward things happen.
Saves from an email account (Yahoo) is crappy and difficult.
Saving from an on line site is a mind wrenching piece of aggravation.
Previously most email and web site info could be simply saved ‘as text’ , not so with Win 8.1.
Any text saves, and you get all the HTML code in every saved item.
Doing a ‘Refresh’ removed sound and printer drivers and all the installed programs, contrary to what was said about ‘Refresh’?
Why did I do a ‘Refresh’ you ask? Because I detected a weird unexplainable ‘action’, hard to describe thing.
Unable to get Realtek audio back and or front jack to be recognized and speakers are not listenable.
Ah, going to dedicate a unit to Win XP and keep it ‘off’ line, for running my style desktop programs.
So on and on, the more I use Win 8.1, the more I would gladly go back to DOS 3.3. Ha Ha.
Went in and got the same message that showed when it had wiped out the audio drivers, killed my print drivers, removed Office and Excel, plus many others.

Message said

‘Insert Media . Some files are missing. Your windows installation or recovery media will provide these files’.

(Having just performed this action, Why are some files again missing !)

Had performed a scannow BEFORE doing the Refresh, as past experiences were that ‘odd’ PC actions were corrected by doing so. Got the message from Scannow that ‘nothing’ showed up to correct, at which point I did the Refresh resulting in the messed up PC.

So something is still ‘wrong’ with Win 8.1, as Scannow found nothing to correct, but Refresh said ‘Files’ missing.

Did not want to further ‘screw up’ the progress made since that mess took place, so did ‘Cancel’ the event, as I don’t recall if there was an opportunity given to cancel, once started.

Sorry, I still say, that Win 8.1 is for hand held devices, and not for serious desktop users.

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# 148 Talker on Ron Paul

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Razors Edge Blog
# 148 Talker on Ron Paul

While I don’t 100% agree with all that Ron Paul stands for, I do believe that he is the one person that our country really needs as our next President.
Enough of hidden and secret agenda’s by elected officials
Enough of deceit and hypocrisy by elected officials
Enough blood shed by any and all nations.

Is Ron Paul the only answer to America’s truth and future!
I’m unable to answer that question.
Yet we Americans do need to hear the real truth of the ‘state of affairs’ we facing as a nation.

# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

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The Healers Blog
# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

To a posed question regards curing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition.
Cure is a strong word.
Getting rid of or greatly reducing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition makes it a tad easier to address.

Well now, I’m not a doctor, but I realize some things, one just has to do for ones self.
Pop a prescription pill or whatever, and presto, all health problems are fixed. Ha, get real.
Treating something acute, is not the same as treating something chronic.
Most individuals just don’t want to hear about what could ‘work’, but takes time, like three to six months.
The web abounds with many types of solutions. Problem here is that there is no single, simple solution.
We are all souls carrying unique baggage. So what works for one just may not work for another.

So where are we!
Oh yeah, ‘Do you know how I can cure a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress?’.
Right up front will say ‘nope’.
But were I so troubled, would very much look into all the corners, nooks and crannies of prior experiences.
Would be rereading some of my older blog posts.
Would be asking ‘am I pooping enough on a regular basis!
Would be doing a liver cleanse.

What with all the fake foods, fake sweeteners, polluted water, polluted air, and you name it, ones body is unable to get rid of all those substances fast enough. Then there are bosses, spouses, partners, automobiles, job or no job,
politicians at city, county, state, and national levels, corporate greed and the stress involved with it all.

The body and mind is simply overloaded on a constant basis.
So the body stores some unwanted residue, that it can’t get rid of fast enough, in various parts of the body.
The unwanted residue takes on a new life within the body.
Commonly these are referred to as: arthritis, cancer of this or that organ, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and so on in an almost endless list.
Some unwanted things turn into lumps and bumps that are stored throughout the body.
So where are we!
Oh yeah, ‘Do you know how I can cure a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress?’.
Definitely would look at things like:

Marshmallow poultices
Marshmallow tea
Marshmallow root formulas in gelatin capsules
Marigold salve
Uva Ursi tinctures
Oil of Thyme mixed with a tad of vegetable oil as a poultice
Comfry for a short time internally, and with no concern externally
Corn Silk
Foods with silicon in them
Apple cider vinegar
Oil of Oregano
Watercress internal and external
Body energy work
Get a non traditional healer to do some ‘works’.
Of course you’re already are using a traditional healer.
There are more avenues involved, but for now.

Like already mentioned, not all things work for all people, so a tad of experimentation is required. The Silva method and EFT are valuable things to check out, as is Energy work.
And yes, outside of a miracle, it would take three to six months to get a final resolve.

# 23 Talkers I Am Earth

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See What I See

I am earth, I am you,
from me you were formed,
we are now, us,
to me thou shalt return, that which is mine,
thy love is the day, thy smiles the sunrise and sunset,
thy thoughts are my winds,
thy actions are my eruptions,
thy secret tears are my floods,
thy fears are my earthquakes,
thy disregard combined are my tsunami’s
you have violated the us, I am now also violated,
my healing causes in you, fear,
the us must heal,
thy mind violated, us,
thy mind can heal, us,
I, the earth, will survive,
change thy ways,
the us will survive.

# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

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The Psychics Blog
# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

There are numerous little, life tid-bits, (as I call them) that provide enough of a KEY to allow one to enter into the Inner Silence and find just how they relate to you.

While obtaining answers from others can be a valid source, why not get closer to the True Source and find out for your self! Will doing so make every thing rosy and perfect in life! Give me a break, please.What you will or could have is a better understanding why things are as they are with you.

Often, in matters such as this, I hear that nothing one does seems to work for them.
Well, fret not, just alter the way you prepare for the experience.
Like one saying goes ‘it’s insane to keep doing the same thing over and over, getting the same old nothing results, while expecting some thing new to take place’.

To start, a quite spot, no phone, no radio, no music. (for this first new experience)
Use the floor or a comfortable chair.
Close your eyes, and just be you, while doing NOTHING but being present for just five minutes.

So how did you feel!
Uncomfortable! Hot! Cold! Itchy! Restless! Mind wandering all over the place! Or ……!
Ah yes, not used to that feeling of being in company with your own body without external inputs..
So lets change that feeling.

Use a learning process that is for now, free, and does work.
How do I know!
I’ve used a variant of it for many decades. Still do.

While this series of three programs is still offered for free, be aware it could be taken down with out notice at any time. So please at least get them now and use when you are ready to try it out.
Yes, Silva does have many programs that one can purchase, but you are not pressured to buy any. Well maybe an increased flow of emails asking you to buy and try. (have by the purchased quite a few)

So learn to relax 101, here we go:

Relaxing is crucial to things of this nature.

Once you can honestly and easily relax, you are ready to ‘ get closer to the True Source of every thing and find out how certain tid-bits of life relate to you’.

# 27 Talker and WP Updates

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The Peaceful Warrior
# 27 Talker and WP Updates

While I still use WordPress, I still find it clumsy to use.

When I came across this article regards WordPress, just had to add my thoughts on it.

( What I posted)
Good article the touches upon many tender spots that I, as a blogger have experienced.
While I’ve ranted and cussed out the WordPress updated versions, I do realize that those many changes from “WordPress 2.3.3″ to “WordPress 3.2.1″ does serve many beautifully.

So what’s the “beef’!

(read the rest at:)
The Software is Wrong, Not the People

# 29 Talker on New Kahuna Secrets Power Training on DVD

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Nothing But The Truth Blog
# 29 Talker on New Kahuna Secrets Power Training on DVD

Ha, same ad I had come across when I was looking for Huna related material, beyond that found in Max Freedom Longs books.

What a disappointment it proved to be, upon responding to this ad.
Even the James Mason shown below, didn’t respond to any emails, once they got the money.
Wingo’s way of handling redress requests is described in the links below.
Here is part of the current Wingo web ad
You can get the Complete Set of
the New Kahuna Secrets of Psychic
Power Training on DVD … with
Two Additional Videos of Advanced
Techniques … that’s 14 DVDs …
… (a $995 value) for only $397 + P&H

I look forward to getting your reply.
Regardless of your decision, I wish you all the best for the future.



James Mason

PS – Just a quick note here. If, after you’ve gone through all 14 of the DVDs and you don’t love them, just send them back within 60 days of ordering and we’ll give you your money back. That’s more than fair, right?

PPS – This offer is for a Limited Time ONLY! … but I do have the next couple of days to work on your orders … so let me know right away.

PPPS – I understand if you need to make payments to get this deal … so just let me know it you want them, OK? … just talk to me and I can work with you. If you have any questions you need answered before you get this deal, then feel free to email me privately. And if you don’t like ordering online … you can call me at 1-573-334-3478 with your Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover Card in hand. Orders Only!

PPPPS – Hey … in today’s world, where Specialized Training DVDs are regularly selling for $49.95 to $79.96 each … or more … getting THESE for only about $28.35 each, is quite literally “peanuts!” You owe it to yourself to get these!

“Act Now” because this offer ENDS on November 5, 2010!
Click this button to get yours →


If you start believing the above ad blurb, read what happens when you see how poor the quality of these DVDs are, and dare to request redress of any type.
(This statement and my complaint is based on the DVDs I received in 2008)


(Read the full hard to get a refund story here)

(This is my story of how Wingo ignores redress requests)